Brittany/Bretagne Activations

I am planning to activate FL/NO-021 (Mènez Hom) on 21-04-22 at 1300 UTC and then FL/NO-087 (La Motte) at the same time the next day, 22-04-22.

I will probably try 40m & 20m SSB then CW on 40m, 30m, 20m and if conditions are suitable 17m and 15m. I will self-spot for SSB and let RBN Hole find me on CW, otherwise I will spot myself.

I had hoped to stay overnight on the Mènez Hom and try 80m but it looks as if that is no longer allowed but I will check the signs at the parking area to check.

I will of course be most grateful for any replies and apologies in advance for my CW. :slight_smile:


Hi John, @M0WIV

Have you planned other summits in Brittany?

And after Compostel ?

73, Éric


We are heading south from here into the part of France without SOTA summits. :frowning: But I hope to find time to activate FL/SO-011 before following the Garonne to the Pyrenees. I’m not sure I will do any SOTA summits in the Pyrenees on my own, but if something easy appears I may try. :slight_smile:

We will return to Brittany in mid-May and I will try for FL/NO-009 and FL/NO-110. FL/NO-067 is also possible. I cannot promise to do them all, I am en vacance avec mon l’épouse but I will post something here a few days in advance.


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