British summer time

Please do not regard me has being ignorant now the hour has gone on our clocks how do we log our contacts are activations out side the uk logged has utc or are all logs logged bst time just want to make sure all my logs are correct many thanks Dave m3xie.

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All amateur radio contacts throughout the world are logged in UTC.

Regards, David G4TUP.

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All logs should be entered in utc, regardless of thier location. Nice to hear you working Carolyn GW6WRW/P yesterday :slight_smile:

Speaking of that, the Sotawatch reflector clock has not been changed yet as my this post appears to be 60 minutes ago earlier than it is.

The clock at the top of the screen is fine however.


Mark G0VOF

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SOTAWATCH is a useful reminder Dave. The spots are logged utc and the time at the top is utc - it’s so easy to get confused with BST!


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Many thanks for the clarification mark

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Your SOTA uploads should continue to be UTC. That never changes.

As you correctly say, UTC here in the UK is now 1 hour behind BST so just subtract the hour.

It’s easy to forget somtimes! Perhaps a clock in your shack showing UTC might help.



There is a slight glitch with displays of reflector post times on SOTAwatch. We are aware of this and it should be resolved shortly.


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Sorry everyone, now sorted.

73, Jon

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Thanks Jon,

It was not such a problem but did confuse me a little at first, I thought I had somehow stumbled across the secret of time travel Hi!


Mark G0VOF