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Brief Activation Report - NP-005

Well, i had intended being up on Ingleborough for around 10:00UTC, due to having to wait to set off until the XYL brought the car back from dropping lad off at school (wanted to use hers as its diesel and hasnt got antennas all over it!). Things didnt go quite to plan due to roadworks in Harrogate then every slow truck and tractor that could be on the A65!

The walk up from Clapham was a bit of a slog, but i made decent time on the walk. A quick SMS to my friend Andy G7PZL secured a first spot, but he was (bless him!) a bit over eager, and my request for it to say QRV in 1h translated into on-air now! So by the time i’d reached the summit, made a brew, had a sandwhich, and switched on, the chasers were like coiled springs! My first CQ was greeted by at least three stations all calling at once!

Up on the summit, there was a steady breeze blowing, but it served to keep the edge off the sun! Sadly the views were spoilt by haze. Initially there were many ‘tourists’ on the summit, but these soon cleared leaving just myself and a few more ‘serious’ looking walkers

The activation was qualified within 6mins, and they were coming thick and fast for the first quarter of an hour, often doubling. Im sure it was Andys spot that did it. My equipment consisted only of an Alinco DJ-F1 2m FM handheld, and a ‘super-rod-2’ 1/2w telescopic whip, running just 3W.

After the initial flurry, i had to start fighting for them a bit more!I finally worked Andy himself over at Emley Moor after 50mins. We did a few little tests, and discovered that, although i was practically unreadable, he could receive me on just 100mW!

Possibly the highlight of the day, was when, part way through a QSO, i heard aircraft engine noise, swiftly followed by a black Tucano out of RAF Valley powering over the summit at no more than 100ft! before banking away to the south, if he hadnt banked to port im sure i could have looked in the pilots eyes!

I finished off at 14:00UTC, best DX being into Flintshire, some 70miles or so. A total of 17 QSOs were made from the summit. Had my lunch, and set off back down on the rest of the 11mile circular route i was following. As with my previous activation from Rombalds Moor, SOTA was secondary to my real reason for being on the hill - training for the three peaks on the 25th!

A final QSO was made, when well off the hill and on the path from Sulber pot back to Clapham, and a pleasent ragchew was had with a welsh amateur, who happened to be on holiday in a campsite nearby. A text home to say i was on my way and to put a beer in the fridge, led to me eventually enjoying a pint of Black Sheep in a hot bath!

Next activation - Kinder Scout

Martin G7MRV

Great stuff Martin. Ingleborough is one of my favourite hills, and one I must return to before too long.


Also really like Ingleborough and its flat summit. I was its first activator for SOTA in 2002 but I had been there several times previously, once as part of the 3 Peaks walk. Been back a few times since but it’s a long way from the south-east. The RAF seem to take great delight in skimming that one!


In reply to MX0TSE:

nice report, tackled ingleborough from all sides now and still like it.
not sure Tucanos fly from valley though, its all fast jet jockey stuff there apart from rescue boys. they are more likekly to have come from one of the bases near the A1, M1 etc. admitted though they are painted black at valley. Hawks i think.

rgds keith G0OXV

In reply to G0OXV-2:

you have a point there,im going on the colour scheme. Ive friends at several airfields, and im from the vale of york area, so i’ll ask about. But yes, Valley operate black painted BAE Hawks. I know the Tuc is the pre-fast jet trainer

In reply to MX0TSE:

I stand corrected! The Tucanos are operated by No. 1 FTS, 72 & 207sqn®out of Linton-on-ouse! A little bit too far up the A1 for me to see regularly (Church Fenton is my local!)

I remember when no.1 FTS was at Finningley, which at the time was my local field! they used to fly over my house

In reply to MX0TSE:

Finningly i did a weeks stint there, very lucky as it was practice for the air show, still remember the lightning standing on its tail out performing all the modern stuff, had a free airshow every shift i did brilliant.

Church Fenton been there too i wonder if it will survive the cuts,
off topic i know but still they still buzz you on the summits.

rgds keith G0OXV

In reply to G0OXV-2:

Keith (and going further OT, hope the mod wont mind a blatent plug!) church fenton seems to be holding on barely for the cadets, and something else which im not sure whats going on, but lots of 4 tonners in/out recently along the A63

Anyway - the plug! RAF Church Fentons air cadets and Sherburn Aeroclub are having an open day today at Sherburn airfield, all procedes to Help for Heroes. £5 entrance, doors open 10:00 BST. See sherburns website! BOB spitfire flypast etc etc

I’ll be monitoring 2m FM and 122.6 AM

Sherburn aeroclub is an excellent club and location, should be a great day

Martin G7MRV