Bredon Hill – G/CE-003

Another milestone passed – carrying the FT-857 system. My shoulders were aching somewhat but I’m okay. I don’t think I’d attempt the WB x 5 marathon just yet but I’m getting there. Looking at the GPS data it would appear I’m back up to speed on the ascent - all the more surprising as I stopped for a while en route to talk horses.

It was great to hear so many familiar voices again but somewhat sad to hear everyone moaning about the lack of 2m SSB activity. Well, hopefully we can help a little with that. There were some good distances worked despite the flat conditions. Notable were G6LKB (Cumbria), G0RQL (Devon), G2BOF and G6XLL (both London area). The latter two – David and Lawrie – have helped me qualify summits so many times when I’ve been backpacking. Thanks, chaps. I did swap to FM in the hope of working Rod on G/WB-020 and we duly completed. Unexpected, however, was a S2S with Colin G8JSM/P on Billenge Hill G/SP-017. That’s not a bad distance on FM.

Next? Well, apart from getting back in the saddle on Sunday there’s a good chance of doing a couple of WB 2-pointers next week – weather permitting.

73, Richard

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Thats really good news Richard!
I hope to join you on 2m ssb in the coming weeks…

Best 73

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thanks richard, thats very nice of you to say,its always a pleasure to work you a very good signal into london,please remember that diana g1dms is in the shack if you need a report, all best for x/mas

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Hi Richard,
you were 5/5 into Cumbria when you switched to fm and I also heard ,I assume, G2BOF informing you that I was calling.
Flat conditions :slight_smile:

David G6lkb

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Hi Richard

Great to see that you’re out and about on the hills again!

Myself, Alan G7RHF and Chez 2E0CHZ had a good time on G/HWB-033 yesterday. It was pleasing for Al to work you whilst mobile on the way up!

I completely understand the chasers frustration at the lack of 2m SSB activity!! As an Activator I try to use it from every summit but of course sometimes circumstances mean that FM is the more viable option! The lack of activity has meant that I have now put up a vertical beam for FM at home in the vain hope of working somebody on 2m!!!

We talk about the decline in 60m activity but I feel the greater decline is in 2m SSB activity!

Once again Richard, good to see you on the hills again, look forward to your WB sortie!

Matt G8XYJ

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Must say I was rather amazed by the 2 x 59 QSO yesterday Richard, even though we were both running a bit of power. The 5el SOTAbeam at 3.5m fixed to a pole clamped to an old chiminea stand could just about see over the garden wall and was looking straight into the side of a house about 30m away and thereafter rising ground. Just shows what can be achieved on SSB.

I too have had the comments about the lack of 2m SSB. The problem is that many of us used to be far more active. There was a time when I was out activating in Wales every two weeks. Now I am fortunate if I get out every two months. Other of the 2m SSB fraternity are no longer active in SOTA and not many newcomers have taken up the mode on 2m, so the level of activity is bound to be less than it was. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - that despite this decline in activity, the dedication of the 2m SSB Chasers is to be applauded. I always look forward to hearing the familiar voices and I am never disappointed.

Well done on this one. Hopefully work you next week.

73, Gerald G4OIG
Next out GM/SS: 28th - 30th December

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Very pleased for you that your walk up Bredon was not a problem, even carrying the 857. Glad that we could make a good s2s contact on 2FM. I had only just arrived (again, just like Tuesday!) and now can’t remember whether I had put up the j-pole or was getting ready to do so and using the VX-7 and the 30cm stick. With the j-pole I managed to reach Billinge also.

Sorry no 2m ssb again. I had problems with the 817 all autumn (now repaired but still not field tested on 2m ssb) and have now rather got out of the habit but like to use 2m ssb at weekends when there is so much pressure on 40m. The other problem with 2m ssb is that it interferes (badly) with Viki (M6BWA/P) on 2m FM, so on light/easy activations I use the handy on 70cm FM or share 2m FM with her. (One reason that we often swap hills.)
Although a newcomer I like 2m ssb and hope to be heard again soon

WX permitting another hill or two before 1st January.


Thanks, everyone.

On the subject of 2m SSB I think it’s fair to say that SOTA has been propping up activity for many years so all that’s actually happened is that it’s reverted to the levels pre-SOTA. With the exception of a couple of smash-and-grab weather-driven activations, I’ve always gone for SSB. Gerald and I both come from a contesting background and the concept of trying to work the greatest possible distances is ingrained.

Apart from the added ability to copy more than one callsign at a time in a pileup, I’ve found the horizontal polarisation to be a massive benefit on places like Cleeve Hill where pager-induced spurii are very much reduced.

Encouragingly, there are people still listening 144.300 as my first QSO yesterday proved.

73, Richard

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Gerald and I both come from a contesting background and the concept of trying to work the greatest possible distances is ingrained.

Yes, and the ability to listen to hours of white noise… which I don’t enjoy on a summit!

73, Gerald G4OIG