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Bredon Hill (G/CE-003)

A week or so ago I activated a summit (Bredon Hill; G/CE-003) for the first time in over a year.

The day was promising to be one of the first “hot ones” so an early start allowed us to climb, activate and decend before it was too warm.

20m had been to band that provided the majority of contacts with the highlight being Paul (VK5PAS) and Marija (VK5MAZ) in South Australia.

While walking up I did a short video, see link. Should be the “@”

And a couple of stills



Nice to see another Backpacker Amp out on a summit. Does yours have the excessive hang time that the early designs had, I’ve done the mod to mine and it’s much more usable.

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Can not actually remember if there was a problem with my build that needed sorting or not.

The band selection switch needed to be replaced once as it was damaged on a boat trip to the Minquiers (Minkies) way back in 2010.

It has been my primary HF amplifier, its well travelled.