Bouvet 3Y0J looks like a Sota activation :-)

now with the photos from the island we can see that look like a real Sota activity :slight_smile:

73 And IW0HK


Fair play to them. :+1:

My only question is, what happened to the 7 tonnes of equipment? All I see is a radio, a tent and a stove.


Still aboard the ship. Very precarious condx for loading / unloading. My guess is they took the bare minimum amount of gear for a viable operation.


Probably that’s how much those wellington boots weigh on the guy on the right in the second photo. I have never seen a pair with such a serious looking sole :wink:


You’ve not seen my wifes wellies. They’re serious mud pluggers.


looks pretty luxurious to me !


They put my Muck Boots to shame…

Glota - when you combine glamping and SOTA. :wink:


Hi Andrea - Not valid for SOTA they are far too far outside of the activation zone for 3Y/BV-001 Ovaltoppen on the island!
By the way the full story is covered from this point in the other thread Non-SOTA - Thread talking about 3Y0J Bouvet Island DXpedition - Off Topic - SOTA Reflector

73 Ed.

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Correct Josh,

They managed to move the very basics on the first day of transfer before the weather made it too dangerous. They were looking at bringing over a bigger generator, a linear amp, more fuel and food and change personnel but in the end it was too hard and they ran the fuel down and packed up.

This is the best time of year there. The last expedition was unable to land. It earns it’s place at the top of the most wanted.

This team did well in spite of now having some unused spanking brand new gear to sell. Lots of people worked them so maybe it will drop from it’s no 2 position on the most wanted.

The next most wanted one is in a comparative palatial shack with ski lodge type mod cons.

Look up FT8WW. I don’t know how this guy gets permission to go but he deserves every contact he makes.



I have to protest at the thread title. This looks nothing like a SOTA activation. A radio club field day event possibly, but not a SOTA activation!


Hi Ron,
Actually North Korea is at the top of the list not Bouvet. Bouvet was number 2. It’ll be interesting to see if it moves down to number three now, but I think it might well stay at number 2. Had they got the hoped-for 200,000 contacts it would certainly have dropped down the list.

North Korea is more difficult to operate from for “other reasons”.
73 Ed.


Not my club… no booze.


I’m surprised they didn’t take any chairs. The ground is cold and a Helinox chair doesn’t take up much space.

I guess it was a conscious decision to reduce the equipment to the minimum but I would have smuggled mine in!

P5 is super super rare on CW, but fortunately I was off shift when 4L4FN was there in Jan 2002 with a valid licence. I worked him and have it validated by ARRL with a paper QSL on SSB and RTTY. He didn’t work any Morse as far as I am aware.

73 Phil G4OBK


Maybe they only packed chaise longue, expecting to be able to offload their 7t of gear.


For those who are happy to look at Facebook this post by one of the 3Y0J team members shows the arduous nature of what was achieved:

An account on Facebook is not needed to read it.


Thanks Phil for the link very interesting makes most SOTA look easy.
vk5cz …