Bonus Points for winter Activations

Hello All:

A few days ago, I accomplished my first winter activations. Do I assume that the “system” will automatically add the Bonus 3 points for each of the activations? I don’t recall from prior submissions of activation reports a “place” to indicate a bonus activation or not.

I’m sorry if this has been covered before.

73, Mark, K7MAS

Mark -

Good Question…
It is all done automatically, according to the rules of each association. Try it, I’m sure it will work.


Thanks for replying, Etienne, at that time all the MT were in horizontal mode so you saved him several hours!


As previously mentioned, it’s all automatic. There is an issue with a region in Utah or Oregon (I don’t have the details to hand) where a bonus is missing. This should get fixed at the next update and the database will be rescored. People who are missing the bonus will find their total will increase.

It should also be noted that not all summits have winter bonus points. If I understand correctly, the level (mASL) where bonus points start is set on an association by association basis.


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There may be an issue with W6/CN- xxx … may be worth a check. My activation on W6/CN-016 17/JAN/2014 did not get the winter bonus added even though the database shows the summit is winter bonus worthy. Not complaining just FYI

73 Rick WB0USI

Yes you are right. There is a rabbit off somewhere. The database feeder document states bonus due 01/12 to 15/03 (Euro format) but for some reason the database has interpreted that as 01/03 to 15/03. This will need Andy @MM0FMF to take a look.

Ah, yes… there’s 17 W6/CN summits with a rather short Winter Bonus window. Just something else to clean up for the next update. As said, once we have fondled the database records I will rescore the activator results and people’s scores will automatically pick up any bonus due.

Thank you to all that replied to my question of “Bonus” points and database. I am still learning some of the rules, and certainly some of the features of this great website / community.

73, Mark, K7MAS