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Bonus points - CT ARM

Hi all

I loaded my log from CT/BL-002 (25NOV, 8 points) but the bonus points are missing.
The CT ARM states that 8 and 10 points summits has 3 point winter bonus (15NOV 31 MAR) but I don’t know how to introduce the log to have the bonus.

Anyone help, please ?

Tnx es 73 de Pedro, CT1DBS

I think it is a misprint, Pedro, if you look at the rule (3.11.1) you will see that the winter bonus extends to a maximum of four months.


The ARM shows bonus period dates 1 December to 15 March inclusive.

73, Hans HB9/PB2T

Both (G8ADD and PB2T) are absolutely right !
My mistake ! Sorry


Hi all

Coming back to Pedro’s original question, is it automatically given by DB during the period? or some process required?

Yesterday I tried test data to check bonus point but it was not given. Please let me know how to add the seasonal bonus point?


Bonus points are automatic.

  • summit must have a bonus
  • activation must take place in bonus period

Select the summit from here http://www.sotadata.org.uk/summits.aspx using the dropdown menus.

Here is GM/CS-005, you can see the valid periods and when the bonus is valid.

Andy OK noted. Thanks