Bob G6ODU passes the 5k mark!

Bob achieved another milestone in his Sota chasing, by passing the 5000 points mark on the evening of Thursday the 28th of April.

Considering that Bob has only been a chaser since the 11th of April last year but didn’t really start in earnest until the 20th June (earning a mere 5 points prior to this), he’s done pretty well! Bob has worked over 500 uniques in 21 different associations.

It has been Karen and myself’s great pleasure to work Bob on nearly every activation that we have done and we look forward to many more contacts with him in the future.

Bob’s first chaser points were from Foel Fenlli and his second was Moel Famau…His 4999 point was from Moel Famau and the 5001 point was from Foel Fenlli, so a nice ‘full circle’ in effect.

Congratulations Bob, you’ve put a lot of time and effort into chasing and deserve every point and we’ll endeavour to do our best to help you to your Super Sloth!

Best regards from TDXYL

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Congratulations on this milestone Bob, and many thanks for all the QSO’s when I’m activating. You always put out a good signal!
Roger MW0IDX

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Congratulations Bob - what an achievement :slight_smile:

Always a pleasure to work you.


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         COLIN G4UXH

Well done and congratulations Bob. Many many thanks for your enthusiasm and support. Always a real pleasure to work you. Hopefully we will make it on 23cms soon.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Congratulation Bob on achieving 5000 chaser points.

Jimmy M®3EYP on G/LD-057

Congratulations Bob, we can always rely on you to get through no matter what.


Chris, 2R0CRZ

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Many Thanks to all who posted congrats to me,I would also like to thank the many activators of SOTA summits I have worked in process of achiving my 5K points, especially Karen & Neil for thier support & encouragement.
Safe Descents To All 73s Bob G6ODU

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Sorry I am late on parade Bob - just got down from the last hill.
Well done on the 5k mark - wow!
Always a pleasure to hear you from nearly every summit I have done too.
Best regards

Well Done Indeed Bob,

when no one else was about you were always there for me in the past.

It was always a welcome voice coming out of the silence!

Heres to the next 5000, I guarantee it wont be long in coming round

There cant be much space left for all the certificates and awards

Best 73