Blue monday

I started chasing at 7 am today, but none of the spotted stations were to be recognized at all in my qth.
Strange: I a w the forecast, HF band condx should be fair today (they have normally been predicted as “poor” during the last weeks), K-factor is zero - but still…
Better luck soon, I hope.

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Hi Mike

You are not the only one to suffer… hi.

I have been at home for a change this morning but have heard virtually nothing of the activators today.

Even Tom M1EYP/P was a weaker, rather “watery” 559 rather than the normal solid 579 (or better) on 80m early this morning.

The only thing to cheer me up was a solid RTTY QSO on 20m with Market Reef this morning using only 20-30W.

73 Marc G0AZS

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Hi Marc

I think that all chasers have days like this. I had one on the 18/19th when activators I normally copy were all inaudible, DF9TS, S53X, DL8YR amd a few G stations all came and went without a whisper at my QTH. It is so frustrating to hear all the other EU stations giving 599 reports !

Your QTH suffers from the disadvantage that most SOTA activity takes place only within a 180 degree arc. It must be nice to be in central EU with SOTA activations all around.

Conditions will change, especially on 40m, and you will have good days to compensate. It is all part of the fun (so I am told).


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Maybe light at the end of the tunnel Roy?
From Spaceweather

Space Weather News for Sept. 22, 2008

NEW SUNSPOT: For the first time in months, a significant sunspot is emerging on the sun. It is a fast-growing active region with two dark cores, each larger than Earth. The magnetic polarity of the sunspot identifies it as a member of new Sunspot Cycle 24. Because the year 2008 has brought so many blank suns, some observers have wondered if we are ever going to climb out of the ongoing deep solar minimum. Today’s new sunspot is an encouraging sign that the 11-year solar cycle is indeed progressing, albeit slowly. Visit for sunspot photos and updates.

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“It is so frustrating to hear all the other EU stations giving 599 reports !”

Not all Roy, not all ! ! ! Me too, like you ! Hi !
See you later, in better days.
73, Andy F5AKL