blown off mountain wa6kyr

Hi sri had to quit early. Just too much wind. antenna kept collapsing.
Anyone trying Jupiter mtn w6/ct-140 check the wind. I was unable to use sms up there. Anyone trying this peak use the trail that starts on the right and look for the less wide trail going to the left after about 100 - 300 feet

Yeah, I was blown off W2/GC-002 today and had to cancel my activation. Stay safe out there!!!

Winter is in full force in the local mountains here.

73 Barry N1EU

I’m sure we all have our own wind and weather stories.

Here’s mine which was at 13,000ft and was a complete failure but the views were great.


Ah, this is where the ground mounted dipole comes in handy. :wink:

my endfed was only up 5 feet at the high end and collapsed from there.