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Blackpool Rally

In reply to 2E0HJD:
Well Mick, 65 mph in a horse and cart,wow!thats going some!,really enjoyed meeting you all at the rally we’ll do it again next year.i feel a lot safer now im back in the WHITE ROSE COUNTY, 73, Geoff, G4cpa.

Does the SOTA meet (or is it an AGM?) usually take place at Blackpool or does it move to other places?


It was a great day. The drive north was hair-raising with the car being buffetted by the wind, especially on the Thelwall Viaduct. Arrival on Blackpool North Shore promenade revealed a violently white Irish Sea which was throwing sea water sixty feet into the air and landing salt all over the cars in the area. Walking into the Norbreck Castle Hotel was very difficult with the wind pushing us back with great force, using the stand items we were carrying in as sails!

The stand featured Rob G4RQJ & Audrey’s trademark laminated SOTA photograph sets and “Identify the summit” teasers. We also had an FT-817 and SOTA Beam in operation, a laptop running an updated SOTA Powerpoint presentation, magazine features about SOTA, Jimmy’s Pennine Way photos and certificate, and an example of the new ‘ice block’ Mountain Goat trophy. In tribute this year, we had a photograph of Shirley MW0YLS on (I think) Mynydd Enlli (Bardsey Island) GW/NW-072. Audrey had made loads of her legendary SOTA cake for us all to enjoy (and we did), and this was all displayed under the SOTA Banner.

The stand was staffed by Rob G4RQJ, Audrey, Jimmy M3EYP, Liam and myself, and later assisted by John G4YSS, Brian G4ZPY and Cris GM4FAM. A large number of regular and occasional SOTA participants spent much time around the stand and signed our signing-in book. There were still quite a few ‘new’ people who expressed interest and fired some questions at us.

Just before three o’clock, we were tipped off to be in attendance by the main stage in the other hall. Jimmy and Audrey took the stage, and were presented with the silver trophy for the best club stand of the exhibition. It turned out that we had been chosen by RSGB President Angus Annan MM1CCR, who (we were told) was impressed by the encouragement and opportunities given to youngsters. It probably helped that Jordan M3TMX was at the stand with Jimmy and Liam when he visited us!

So it turned out to be an especially satisfying day on several counts. I would like to sincerely thank all the regulars that visited the stand (and those that joined me for a beer while I had half-an-hour off!), huge thanks to Rob and Audrey for all their considerable preparation of resources, work in setting up the displays and staffing the stand, and Richard G3CWI/SOTA Beams who sponsored the exhibitor’s fee.

Despite earlier indications, I felt tired when I reached the M55, so didn’t activate G/SP-017 on the way home.

73, Tom

In reply to M1EYP:
The journey north was hair raising was it. And Mick managed 65 mph - you were lucky. At around 10:30 southbound on the M6 over Shap it was 25-30mph, nose to tail - one lane only, not quite a white out but driving snow, with the outer lane out of use because of snow and the middle lane occasionally occupied by some bold 4wds or multi-wheel trucks. Prior to that I had crossed the northern pennines via Hartside - a mistaken choice as indicated by the interjections of traction control and ABS - I should believe the weather forecasts.

Anyhow it was great to meet up with the many SOTA personalities present. Congratulations to those responsible for the stand on winning the award.
73 jim g0cqk

In reply to 2E0HJD:
here here i second that Mick, It was nice to meet everyone again, How many activators guessed the right summits that Rob (g4rqj)set up again. i had a go but only managed two (only done them thats why lol).
Regarding flickr.com ive uploaded a few photos and in the middle of youtube,

It was nice to be with the best winning stand big pat on the back to all,

Steve m0sgb

In reply to M1EYP:

and later assisted by John G4YSS, Brian G4ZPY and Cris GM4FAM.

I’m sure Cris will be honoured to have been mistaken for such elegant, smooth and handsome chap that I am. But actually it wasn’t Cris but me, Andy MM0FMF with Brian G4ZRP! :slight_smile:

And as everyone has already said, it was a delight to meet up with the people I regularly hear on the air.


In reply to 2E0HJD:

de G4YSS: I (for one) had a very enjoyable day which seemed to pass by at the same ‘time-warp’ rate as on an HF multi-summit activation. Renewing existing acquaintances and shaking hands I’d never shook before was a real pleasure. I met so many SOTA people and was very impressed when the SOTA stand won a prize. Regrettably, there were a few absentees I can think of.

At great risk of leaving someone ‘obvious’ out (a dangerous pastime) I will try listing some: John GW4BVE, Martin GD3YUM, Andy MM0FMF, Ian G7KXV, Tom M1EYP, Jimmy M3EYP & Liam, Mick 2E0HJD, Clive M1YAM, Rob G4RQJ with Audrey, Martin M3LUH, Simon M1AVV, Keith G0OXV, Stuart G0MJG, Barrie G1JYB, Stephanie G1LAT, Jim G0CQK, Steve G0SGB, Geoff G4CPA, Brian G3NIJ, Brian G4ZRP and a keen young chap, who’s name escapes me, M3TMX.

In addition, at the WAB stand, there were Dave G4IAR, Judith G4IAQ, Brian G0BFJ and Steve G0SGB.

I’m sure there were more but my memory is not what it was and I apologise!

Tom refered to ‘The SOTA Community.’ It does feel a bit like a close-knit family. WAB does too. You can ‘kill’ me next year for missing out or misspelling your names.

I have a few photos which, in due course, I hope will be put on ‘flicker?’ They are not half as good as John’s (BVE) however. Brilliant John!

WX wise, it was a ‘rough’ day. As if it’s not rusy enough, my poor old car was covered in salt blown off the sea during the day. As Jim & Mick rightly stated, the headwind during the drive accross was very strong and the periodic ‘blizzards’ were impressive. I hearby apply for the reinsatement of Winter Bonus!!

73, John G4YSS.

(Pics have been added to ‘Flicker’ but not appeared yet.)

Hi All
It was nice to meet some new faces and some of the old ones yesterday at Blackpool.

Well done to all concerned with the stand and congratulations on the prize for the best stand. It was well deserved.

Clive M1YAM

In reply to MM0FMF:

1000 apologies Andy for that bit of “sloppy journalism”. I was tired last night and lazily remembered that you had some Ms and an F in your callsign. Then added 2 and 2 to get not 5, but 6… At least YSS will be relieved that I have beaten him (hands down) to the mistake-embarrasment-humble pie eating cycle he seemed worried about himself!

For G4YSS: M3TMX was Jordan, who cheerfully manned the stand alongside Jimmy for long periods in the afternoon, and (in my opinion) sealed the prize! He has his sights set on another prize too, he was telling me. He has done 10 activations already in 2007, and is going for the SOTA Beams Challenge. He looks a strong contender to me, having already done five times the number of summits this year as last year’s record-breaking title holder has!

A recommendation to visit the SOTA group on the photos site www.flickr.com

Steve M0SGB and John GW4BVE have uploaded a fine selection of photos from around the SOTA stand at the Norbreck rally. They have captured most if not all the regulars, the trophy for the best club stand of the rally, and the moment when Jimmy and Audrey went onstage to receive it.

I didn’t realise Jimmy had been sneakily working towards his Intermediate behind my back though :wink:

Thanks to John and Steve for the photos, and for getting them online for us all to see so quickly.

In reply to M1EYP:
At last found time to thank every one for a great day out at Blackpool. A real pleasure to put faces to voices, meet new friends and a cup to bring home to round it off. Enjoyed the photos on Flika also. Forty odd (not the people:-))signed the visitors book and there were many more who came to the stall for a chat. A great day out , now I’ve just got to type the list in.
Rob and Audrey

Visitors Book
M1EYP Tom, M3EYP Jimmy, G0MJG Stuart, G4CPA Geoff, G0OXV Keith, M1YAM Clive, GW4BVE John, G7KXV Ian, G4OWG Roger, G1LAT Stephany, G1JYB Barrie,GW0VMW Rick, M1VIP Andy, GW3GUX John, M0XLT Kevin, M0DWQ Roger, G0HDX Roy, G1OPV Phil,
M3LUH Martyn, 2E0NHM Nigel,G4YSS John, G7ADF Ian, G0CQK Jim, M0DNS Steve,
2E0HJD Mick, M0SGB Steve, G4YHP Cliff, GW6ZDH Ron, GW6WFW Alun, GD3YUM Martyn
GD0NFN John, M3LBR Steve, M1AVV Simon, M3RXX Greg,2E0BAXSean,G4ZRP Brian
MW3LXK Chrissie,MM0FMF Andy, G8VPR Brian, G1OAE Tony, M3TMX Jordon,G7EGQ Ian
M1BZJ Peter, G4RQJ Rob.
Sorry for any mistakes, You can’t write and I can’t type :slight_smile: