Blackpool Norbreck Rally 12th April 2015

Anyone going along? I’m planning to be there first thing as long as something doesn’t happen between now and then.

I’ll wear my stylish callsign embroidered Polo Shirt and a SOTA Pin badge…

It would be nice to have a “social” hour at some stage in the day, maybe in the cafe area??? I’ve met a few chasers and activators at this rally and other places, but it’s always nice to meet a few new people face to face.

Someone who has been to this lots of times will hopefully suggest something better than me.

I believe there is a good fish and chip shop near by … which people use as a meet up place.

I will be going, its pretty good for bits and pieces and test equipment. I am hoping to pick up some in-line attenuators from there.


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I will be there but no social hour for me.

73 Richard G3CWI

If recent years are anything to go by, the social Is all day long at the SOTA stand. Call at the stand at least once every 20 minutes and you’ll keep meeting more activators and chasers.


I will be going along with Roy G4SSH and possibly Phil G4OBK and look forward to meeting as many SOTA people as possible.


I hope to be there with the “other” Victor :smiley:

Victor GI4ONL

As Tom says, in pasts years there has been a constant group of chasers and activators at the SOTA stand. So regular visits to the stand are the order of the day.


Hi All

I’ll be at Blackpool with a stock of my special SOTA International QSL cards from the various SOTA expeditions I have done over the last few years, so if anyone would like a QSL (Chaser or Activator QSO) and can let me know via my e-mail address on QRZ.COM I’ll fill the cards in and bring them along to the SOTA stand. I won’t require a QSL back. I won’t have a log book with me (Unless anyone can recommend a free and easy to use Android app which will take an ADIF import).

73 Phil G4OBK

This is a very rare occasion that I will not be at Norbreck Rally this year. We arrive back from Tenerife in the early hours of the morning and will need a rest on the rally day before going back to work on the Monday. My dad Tom M1EYP will still try and come to the rally as he has another week off work.

Jimmy M0HGY

Thought I would nudge this thread back-up to remind people of the rally this weekend. Hope to meet a few people in person.



We will be there with all the usual stuff. In practice the stall is usually one big social meeting from start to finish and it’s often hard to find a few minutes to look round the rest of the show. Long may it be so!
Rob and Audrey

PS Sorry no Jimmy this year, you will be missed

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Hi Gerald

Like you I’m looking forward to meeting as many chasers and activators once again this year and hopefully get a few pics for the blog as well :smile:

Thread nudged again Jonathan :smile:

73 Allan GW4VPX

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Jimmy is a lightweight. I did the same 20 km strenuous route in the Tenerife mountains today with the sun beating down (except for the first half hour which was walked under moon and starlight).

I too am absolutely whacked, but unlike Jimmy who has retreated to the apartment for an early night, I have ventured into town with Marianne to watch Liam doing the karaoke.

Unless the flight is very delayed tomorrow night, I’ll be at Norbreck on Sunday.

Nice activation today. Unlike Monday, chaser conduct was terrible with many stations - including some well known ones that you would expect to know better - sending their call 4 or 5 times, or just calling blind.

So I got my four contacts and went qrt. Jimmy was struggling to get even one reply on 2m so I invited him to connect his 817 to my antenna and do some ssb. Jimmy soon qualified then I resumed on 20 cw. We both then did a bit of 10m ssb before the LONG descent back to the parador.

Somewhere in between, Jimmy did get one on 2m fm.


Im hoping to be there, for once I get to go shopping and the rest of the clan can go for a walk!

Whats the parking like? Ive never got to this one before, I see from Google Earth the place has some parking but I suspect it gets full up quickly?

Can the rest of the family get a tram to the shops etc from there?

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The car park at the front of the hotel fills up quite quickly, as that’s where the hotel guests tend to park. Best bet is to get there fairly early and try the one at the rear. There is a tram stop very close to the hotel.

WAB also has a stand there (usual place next to the roller shutter doors in the main hall - so we can’t set up until they’ve shut the wind out!) and we would be very pleased to see some of the SOTA folk who’ve been good enough to activate the trigs for us.


I’ve done a few Trigs in Scotland for WAB recently, especially Island ones on Raasay and Skye… I seemed to be very popular with the WAB followers! :smile: I’ll definitely drop by.

Great stuff. Will try and get there early to get a reasonable spot.

Once done in the rally, me and the eldest will hit the beach with the metal detector for a bit

Anyone able to recommend decent fish and chips close by?

The nearest one is on Norbreck Road, just around the corner, but never tried it. I know you won’t be there today, but a few of the WAB lads are meeting at the Bispham Kitchen Chippy, just down the road, at 7.00 pm tonight, then on for a tincture or three. All are welcome! You’ll find a few more chippies to chose from in that neck of the woods.

If you have any trouble getting into the hotel car park, there are plenty of places to park in the residential streets just to the south of Norbreck Road.

As others have said, no trouble getting to a tram stop. As for shops, well, OK if you’re after tourist tat. Worth it for the ride though, if you haven’t been before.

Have you checked the tide tables? The tide will be coming in during the rally, I believe. The beach becomes non-existent at high tide. Take care.

Unfortunately Caroline and I can’t make it to the rally this year.

Martyn M1MAJ

You might have fun metal detecting as about 5 years as "River Dance"
a container ferry was beached close in just off the Norbreck in a huge storm, she was a great visitor attraction but could not be re-floated and was eventually broken up on site.
Take care with the tides and hope to catch you in the rally
Rob and Audrey