Black Down Hill - G/SE-003

Thanks to everyone who called in yesterday morning, on Black Down Hill G/SE-003 - a total of 61 contacts over the 2 1/2 hours on the hill.

Whilst many of thse were WFF chasers taking advantage of the GFF-018 reference of the South Downs National Park, there were a good number of “Thanks for the SOTA point” or similar.

As previously reported, 2m (SSB or FM) is not ideal, and I didn’t trouble the log here… equally, 20m was a real struggle to find a free frequency, with several DXs running very wide splits… 14,230-14,290 all appeared full of people hopefully yelling their callsigns, with no obvious responses…

Thankfully, 40m was in pretty good shape, and 60 contacts went in the log, from 18 DXCCs.

Hopefully conditions will be good tomorrow morning, when I’ll pay Leith Hill (G/SE-002) a visit… with no WFF reference on offer