Birthday weekend planned Activations

Since Moving to a QTH with Dismal RF prospects , It has give me itchy feet to get out again on the hills. Planning such things have meant me altering sometimes on an hour by hour basis.

As anyone here who knows me well enough , I never left anything to chance when activating in the past.

So I am only able to do Summits that are drive up and walk away from the car enough distance into AZ or is a short walk with not much incline distance.

I am hoping that after testing of my FT817 and my lite antennas from the Chasing of the LD Weekend, that I will be able to conquer two unique and easy access for me Summits in GW/MW Land :crossed_fingers:

I will be active on my favourite 2m ssb, and trying out HF on a efhw attached to the same pole? and of course to give me a fighting chance of qualifying (especially on the 14th July) will have an FT70 as a HH

The 2 summits concerned are GW/MW-030 and GW/MW-031, I have read the summits page for the tips and all seems OK?

We plan to go straight from home on the Sunday to MW-030 and then we will be camping out in a Hotel in Oswestry on Sunday and Monday nights.

I feel the only thing to stop me will be the WX.

any hints or tips would be more than welcome and if anyone needs either of them for completes, I would certainly be open for arranging them?

Thanks for reading, Tony and of course Elaine (My Hilltop manager and sherpa for the food and water)


I will put in my calendar to ask permission from she who must be obeyed for a jaunt out to G/SP-017 with the 2m ssb gear on the Sunday.

Its only 20 minutes from home so shoudlnt be a problem. Ill check the alerts nearer the time for approx timings so hopefully a 2m ssb s2s. Obviously the weather may put the scuppers on the plans.



that sounds like a plan Ian, yes, I will have 5 watts from the FT817 into a 4 element yagi

thanks for the possible S2S



I’ll try and get a S2S with you if I can get out that weekend.

MW-030 parking is a bit tight but you can get 2 cars on the verge if you park right up against the hedge, just don’t block the road. It’s a short walk to the summit but pretty steep. VHF isn’t normally a problem there.

MW-031 the walk was a bit longer and there was a bit of climbing over brash where they had cleared the trees to get to the highest spot that I could so it wasn’t as easy as I was expecting. Maybe I just took the wrong route. I struggled to get contacts from there on 2m but others seem to have no problem.


Thanks Pete, all noted , I only have a small car so hope we okay? will give it my best shot. Tony

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I spotted your Alert today, station manager gave you permission?

I have at least 2 possible S2S with you and Pete, and hoping to get a couple of qso’s with club members from a northerly direction?

all prepared now, new feeder for the beam, and a wind camp internal battery for the 817, and at least for Saturday, an extra slab, that’s not too heavy


Hi Tony,

Stingwern Hill GW/MW-030 is on my doorstep, it’s a mile as the crow flies. If I’m around when you’re activating it, I’ll pop up the road and say hi. You park between two gates, and it’s a short steep up hill climb to the trig. As for Caeliber Isaf GW/MW-031, if you drive to the small holiday cottages and knock on the house door, the owners let you park your car in there driveway, it’s a nice flattish short walk from there.

Good luck, and I’ll try and get you!

73, Ben


Thank for that, Ben, look forward to it. I am hoping that both of them are kind to me, and that Chasers are looking for uniques. Especially on the Sunday as that’s my official day :crossed_fingers:

My activations will be very sporadic, but will now hopefully be a mobile chaser on most bands including HF

Cheers Tony


Posted the alert to maybe tempt some others out of the woodwork :slight_smile: with 2 alerts for 2m ssb.

Hopefully the weather will play ball. I hope to be on summit for 1 to 2 hours to maximise the chances. I probably wont take HF either to force me to stay on vhf or even surprise some people on 70cm.



Looks like Billinge Hill is going to be invaded by SOTA on Sunday, as i’ve spotted there are 2 visiting Austrians planned for an afternoon activity up there.



Yes Tony, i saw that too.

Since its a zero pointer for me, I was planning on not trying too hard. Probably just 2m ssb, maybe Fm and possibly some 70cm. I’ll leave some chasers for those that dont live 15 minutes away.

With luck I’ll be able to get the activation, chase and SWL points for the same summit in the same day.

If they arrive early ill leave it to them. For me, from home to activation zone is about 20 minutes so seems fair.

Hoping for reasonable conditions on 2m ssb. South coast isnt out of the question.



Good to get the summit to summit today. I’d just switched the beam to vertical so the reports would have been better. Main thing is we exchanged reports after your trials and tribulations with a hedge :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoyed your activation.