Big problems

All started well, Left glenridding at 9-00am, nice steady walk up Place-fell. got the antenna’s erected and ready to transmit when radio went off ??? I checked for high swr all ok and radio went off again only 9.8 volts. hugh handy-dandy out wrong connector. Quick pull and tug, coax broke fitted to the jingtongand very awful to get out with . so sorry to all. but no one had spotted me, ;-(
not sure what’s happening these days, manage to get mobile signal which was weak to 2e0hjd who was out mobile somewhere. and spotted me whenhe got home TNX Mick. I heard Charlie g0pzo but went to another frequency, then heard g1znv on helvelyn for s2s 5x9,
Down to kirkstone pass for dinner, might to this big hill next to me now…

Steve m0sgb