Beta testers


I suggest that you need a few beta testers (outside the MT) here to liven things up…



Yes, I was coming to the same conclusion! If we bring in some now then they would need to be very sympathetic, constructive and happy to contend with incomplete functionality.

Sorry Jon, been up to my eyes with work and other things at the moment. I agree, a few more Beta testers would help this along…

Roger MW0IDX

Thanks for the invite; I’m now aboard.

Initial impressions are very favourable. I like the idea of spots and alerts on one page. I’ve set the page up to be monitored by WebMon, so I’m glad that spots don’t turn red and trigger a “change” when, in reality, nothing has changed.

Living so far from the epicentre of SOTA, I’m a 99.9999% HF chaser. It would be the “icing on the cake” to be able to filter out all those irrelevant (to me) VHF spots. Perhaps that’s asking for the moon?

73 de Les, G3VQO

I think Jon has heard that request before so I’m hopeful!

Au revoir

One downside is that webmon will alert you when someone posts a message (or adds an alert) too - and I guess that’s not what you want.

Actually I don’t think that will be a major problem. Time will tell. I haven’t delved into the really clever bits of WebMon yet, so it may have the ability to discriminate on a more selective basis.

Just using this as a test for what I have set on webmon

Test seems to have worked. Webmon now only alerts when ther is a posting
of any sort.