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Beta testers wanted: SOTALogger for Android 2.0

The platform that I used for programming SOTALogger for Android is going obsolete, so I have had to reprogram it in the new platform. I have also included spotting via the Spain and Hungary gateways, as well as log editing capabilities.

I need about 10 beta testers to make sure that the reprogrammed app is functional before I upload it to the Google Play store. I will send the APK via e-mail. Please reply to this post or email w5smd@qsl.net or goclimbarock007@hotmail.com you would like to be a tester.


Hi Stephen - tried to email you but got bounced as Spam!

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain qsl.net by mx.spamexperts.com. [].

The error that the other server returned was:
550 High probability of spam

If you wish me to help, perhaps send the apk file via the Reflector personal mail feature?

73 Ed.

Ok, try goclimbarock007@hotmail.com.

email sent.

this app looks interesting to me.
with the SMS spotting, are there any UK numbers available?
If you have 3G signal, can spotting be done via the web?

Yes but I’m not sure this app supports it.

The spotting in SOTALogger uses Internet or SMS (you chose) The Internet can be WiFi or 3G. All SMS gateways are supported as long as you have registered your number (UK, US, AUS) or have a userid (Spain/Hungary).

73 Ed.

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Where do I go to register for the sms, or is it in the app.?

If you wish to use the UK SMS gateway, you need to register your mobile phone number via Andy MM0FMF - co-incidentally this will then also allow you access to the Australian gateway.

73 Ed.

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Droidspot has a built in registration facility which sends your mobile number and callsign to me for registration. Or you can send an email with your call and number to mm0fmf β€˜AT’ hotmail.com .

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Thanks both.
Andy, email sent.