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Beta Testers required for new Sotadata website

As we’ve been hinting about for many months, we will soon roll out a new version of the SOTA Database that will be integrated with a Single Sign-On solution across as many of our websites as possible. Before we make this public, I’d like to conduct a private beta test with a small subsection of the SOTA community to try cover off corner use-cases we’re not familiar with.

If you’d like to volunteer, please send me a private message (by clicking on my callsign and sending a new message). We will be selective in who we choose, to get a broad range of SOTA folks, activators, chasers, SWLers, from those with thousands of activations to relative beginners, from Europeans to Americans to Australasians, so if you aren’t selected, it isn’t personal, it’s just we got someone like you already :slight_smile:

SOTA IT Group Manager-thingy.

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Hello Andrew,

I would like to test the new sotawatch3 ‘new spot’ page to see if my SMS-to-Sotawatch python script will still work fine.

73 Joe

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Thanks for all the volunteers so far. I will provide details to the volunteers tomorrow morning Australian time.