Best comeback for "Are you fishing?“ (Part 1)

Perfect response Chris… Like it… 73, N6PKT

Great job with the QR code Luc.

73 de Geoff vk3sq

There I was, in my favoringe trout stream,
after setting several hooks into deep dark water.
Unfortunately, I was playing golf at the time!


Now I got it. SOTA obviously stands for Salmon On The Air.



Seriously Old Topic Alert :joy:


I am glad to see I not the only rare who has this kind of experiences, hihi.
I usually respond with a lot od details exceps if I am running pileup. Anyway, when I go to a overcrowded summit, I deploy the pole far from the center of the summit, this way I can save myself from giving explanations.

I remember once I told some guys that I was measuring radioactivity at the tops due to the Fokushima accident, hihi.

A lot of people , almost in Spain, doesn´t ask about “what are you fishing” otherwise "what are you measuring?


Tell them , you are after flying fish and that they are plentiful on this summit


ps I find for a serious answer , if you ask them have they heard of amateur radio (usually they say yes) and have they heard of geocaching (they usually have) and explain it as radio geocaching where you are the temporary cache , folk understand the concept well


…that’s a great thought !

73 Armin


That works indeed very well, if people know what geocaching is :wink:

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I was at a pistol competition when my friend Pete saw me reading an issue of QST during a break. He said he didn’t get Ham radio because all Hams ever talked about on the air was their radios. I responded “Pete we shoot holes in paper all day.” He smiled and got the point.


There seems to be a few threads covering this topic. In another I added:

When approached once, I replied that I was using Sonar to ‘mine’ for rare worms as we looked where the far end of EFHW was tethered down. I then pointed up to the top of the 10m telescopic pole, that was quite bent over, and explained that this last worm was putting up a good struggle and that I’d been at it for 10mins. The person walked away looking even more puzzled :smile:

73, Lea M0XPO



…and … did you get it?

73 Armin


Well I had a new one today on the way down Skiddaw - “Is that a snooker cue?” !!!

So, of course, I had to explain that I was having to go back down as all the balls had rolled to the bottom.


One of the top questions for sure… (-: Usually asked on trail when have larger mast sticking out, but was asked last weekend on top of summit… usually not a witty response…just “playing radio” (-:

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I always say I was waiting for the tide to come in, but today it failed to appear for the first time in history.

Elliott, K6EL


For the trip to FN, I just made a new pancarte with QR codes, in French, German and English, and added a French and German translation on my blog.
Scan the codes to find the pages :wink:

I used the built-in translator in Word, so if you spot any errors or funny/stupid translations, let me know in a PM, thanks.


[PS : if you want the Word document as a template, also just ask for it in a PM. You may use it as it is, referring to my blog, or set up your own version]


Very cool link, well done.

73 de ruedi

One day people met on the summit asked me (joking of course): is it pegasus investigating system ?

From that time if somebody ask me (showing my antenna) what is it ? I use 2 options:

  1. if the people looks heavy understanding jokes I answer: this is antenna for radio communication
  2. if the people seems happy/funny I answer: this is pegasus installation.

The second option usually brings me and other people a lot of fun :smiley:

73, Jarek


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