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Ben Vrackie GM/CS-065 (2019)

Your right Andy, it does make it possible to do as singles. Had another look at my pictures and here is the new path, looking North. Braigh Coire Chruinn-bhalgain summit in centre, Allt Bealach an Fhiodha curving round to right and the nose of Airgiod Bheinn at the right of the picture.

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Now I’ve submitted my log it turns out the S2S made Ben Vrackie a complete for me: 7 years and 3 days after I activated it.

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As I said, it was just another activation when I set off from the car park. I enjoy and need the exercise and it’s always great to be the DX though I didn’t expect great things especially as the WX was a bit miserable. But as I activated, had more and more QSOs and slowly realised that some nice ticks in boxes were happening then it just got more and more fun. It turned into a great activation thanks to all the chasers. I really need to plan my upcoming jaunt into France in 3 weeks now.

Snap from our 2012 activation:

The thing we found most surprising about Ben Vrackie was that toposcope mentions the Leys School, Cambridge which is just across the road from my workplace!