Ben Nevis GM/WS-001 yesterday

A big thank you to all the chasers and activators for enabling us to qualify Ben Nevis yesterday. It was a long and tiring day with a few issues during the activation. Thanks to Rod M0JLA/P for the s2s…he had gone out specially to catch us on the Ben. Thanks to Michael EI3GYB and Don G0RQL for spotting us…phone signal was iffy on top. Long day but enjoyable.

Allan GM4VPX/P and Barry MM0IML/P

An easy bit of the trek

Slushy snow

Arriving at the summit


Our SOTA group

S&R helicopter hovering …training

Better views on the way down as the mist cleared

Thanks everybody



Sorry I missed your activation but I have been on nights at work so was in bed. That would have been a nice one to get in the log. Glad to hear that you had a great day. Work has taken over my Radio time at the moment so not to active. Great Photos.

73’ Don PLP

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Really sorry to miss you guys, but Monday is supermarket day - and believe me, I would much rather have been on The Ben!

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Great to get the s2ss with both of you; many thanks for those. It looks as if it was excellent conditions for the walk with the views clearing in time for the descent. Maybe we will get there one day.
Hope to catch you on some others if the weather does not mess you about too much.
Take care,

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WOW :slight_smile:

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Nice one, Alan!

I did try from home, but against my local noise level your sigs were just too weak. I did call once on 40m, but at that moment a warbly little carrier drifted onto the frequency and I couldn’t tell whether you had come back to me or not.

Best wishes for the rest of the trip,


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I’d have plugged straight into that private internet repeater that has appeared near what may be Wragge’s old instrument framework. Open the lid, plug an ethernet cable into the gubbins and you’re in business. You do take a short piece of ethernet string with you “just in case” ? :rofl:

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Hi Adrian

I heard the ZS and thought Adrian? …then nothing. Conditions today have not been better either on GM/WS-339 although we have had quite a few chasers…thanks everyone…very rapid QSB.

Thanks for trying yesterday Adrian.

73 Allan GM4VPX/P on GM/WS-339…now qrt.

Well done Allan et all. I’m always green with envy when Ben Nevis comes on the air. I still get a big thrill from putting it on but why is it twice as far back as it is up? 73, John

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Thanks for the activation guys and pleased all went to plan.73 Don G0RQL.


Sorry to have missed you yesterday, but pleased to work you today for a couple of H2S contacts. Pleased to hear you managed to overcome the difficulties. You certainly need everything to work 100% after such a long ascent.

73, Gerald G4OIG

The real He-men do GM/WS-003 first and then access the Ben by the Carn Mhor Dearg arete, and after doing that little trek a pint in Fort Bill is a life-saver! I seem to remember at least one past activation of that pairing.

Hi Allan,

Sri to have missed you both on Monday I didn’t realise you were out on the ‘Ben’. I was otherwise involved in my own 13CMS escapade on GM/SS-037. Wonder if you were on 2M. If I’d known we could’ve tried a S2S?

And won’t be around today. Visiting me ‘old’ (young at heart) maw in Peebles :wink: . Around tomorrow and Friday so I’ll try and ‘catch-ya!’

And Andy that cellular? installation is new to me. Wonder who operates it?


Hi Allan and Barry

Many congrats on the very successful ascent of the big Ben - and surviving the (probably even longer?) descent. Glad to see that the legs were still functioning (and that you were presumably still on speaking terms…) by going up a little 'un the next day. However, to my mind, the most impressive part of the whole expedition was the choice by Barry about 3 (?) months ago of Monday as THE ascent day - thus choosing by far the best day of the available week. How did he do it? and we can borrow him (or his seaweed, bones, forecasting algorithm …) when planning the next SOTA expedition, please?
73 M6BWA Viki

Thanks Viki

On the boat and ready to move off to Eigg and GM/SI-144…weather deteriorating :frowning:

73 Allan GM4VPX

Get a move on, then!

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Hi Viki

Well, we activated it. Not very pleasant on top…high winds with horizontal rain. Thanks to Michael EI3GYB for spotting us and to the chasers that made our log…sorry for not making it on to 40m but conditions were getting worse.

On the little ferry at the moment…exciting to say the least!!

73 Allan GM4VPX & Barry MM0IML

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Sounds horrible.
Sorry I missed you altogether today.
Sad to relate that attending to the plumber took priority :slight_smile:
We had an interesting (!) crossing on a small ferry between two of the Faeroe islands many years back; even getting aboard was a bit tricky. I think your crossing will be a bit further than ours was, so good luck. Did you all go?

No probs Rod.

Just me and Barry today…the foolish ones. Val and Rhodri on the Hogwarts Express…priorities :smiley:

73 Allan