Ben Narnain - an apology

My apologies for anybody who waited for me to activate GM/SS-016 on Saturday. My post was all too prophetic as the wind and rain out of the protection of the coire was more than unpleasant and I turned back and abandoned the ascent.

Good fun at the Irvine Rally and Jack (GM4COX) Andy (MM0FMF)and myself flew the flag for SOTA. Hopefully we have encouraged a couple of potential activators to pick-up their packs and walk - several poles were sold on the day by the visiting vendors - plus others to chase. Needless to say the sun shone all day and there was not a sign of rain! (Who discovered that law…)


Barry GM4TOE

In reply to GM4TOE:

Had hoped to have got to the Irvine Rally unfortunately have a bad cold and spent the day cuddled in fron of the fire and the rig. Maybe we will meet at the next rally.


Glad to hear the Irvine Rally went well. I presume the next demand for the SOTA Banner will be any camping/BBQ weekends being organised over the summer, although I don’t know any firm details yet. Hang onto the banner Jack, and I’ll let you know who/when to send it on to.

Cheers, Tom