Ben Lomond GM/SS-011

Got a nice early start at the Youth Hostel in Rowardennan. Was on the summit by 11am but took my time to setup (a lot of passerbys were asking me what I was fishing for). A great day on the summit with 28 QSO on HF IIRC. I decided to setup the QCX mini, and glad I did as 17m was really hot with EA stations (until the wind knocked my mast over, and I think I lost them). Also managed one VE station on 17. My brain started going to mush on 40M to the point that I would get lost between c and q :slight_smile: 40 seems weak these past couple of activations. Lots of contacts wirh the continent on 20M but my ear buds are quiet. Thanks for the patience, I am learning a lot of new calls, and the lower in the noise ones do require a bit of work to dif out. Next 2
activations on Wed.
73 de MM/N6JFD/P


Many tnx S2S Jamie :wink:

73, Jarek OK8MA / SP9MA

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Hi Jamie, thanks for the QSO. I activated Ben Lomond 10 years ago. 73 Jan OK2PDT


Yah I am definitely thinking on future/less busy peaks to use the summit pilon to anchor my mast

@N6JFD Way to go Jamie and we’ll done on kicking off the West Highland Way hike.

Keep it up and hope the WX is more Mediterranean than Scottish.

If it gets too cold you could investigate the medicinal benefits of a wee dram.


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Nice to see you got a mast Jamie - I’m sure you’ve noticed a difference compared to the previous setup!

Will try and catch you on Wednesday.

Regards, Mark.

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