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Belgium On The Air

Dear Sota friends,

Only just an info.

For some of us already knew. I want to inform you that the BOTA (BelgiumOnTheAir) website is almost finished. But there is still some work to do. If you want you can take a look at this link:


Of course I will not stop SOTA. I love SOTA and keep doing it further as it lies in my ability.


In reply to ON6DSL:

Dear Luc,

Congratulations for the nice work.

I noticed that BOTA references avoid ON/ON-xxx so no confusion with SOTA can be made, fine !
I did’nt saw recommended frequencies ? I suppose that QRP stations will use QRP segments, but what about higher powers ?

73 Alain F6ENO

In reply to ON6DSL:


I will have a look at your Web site, and will take part in the BOTA programme !
Soon we will create the FOTA !

best 73


Hi All,

This is just for fun. Back in 2007 Greg 2E0RXX told me that would be setting up a hobby called bikes on the air (BOTA) where you ride a bike up a hill and you activate the hill for SOTA. So it was Greg 2E0RXX who originally thought about BOTA.

This was only a joke and congaratulations to Luc ON6DSL for setting up Begium on the air (BOTA).

Good Luck with this programme.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to F6ENO and F5HTR:

Dear Alain,

Yes, I have taken note that there is a big difference between BOTA and SOTA references. ON / SU for summits and hills. Summits —> SU. All the references can immediately recognize the type of activation.

As for the QRP stations. I think everyone is free to choose where he goes and what transmit power he uses on the bands. There are no specific QRG’s …(untill now).

The regulations and the comments come soon on the site in the French language. I work on it.

Dear Bob, Why not … FOTA. France On The Air.

There are certainly many interesting places in France. I think of Carnac - menhirs, Mont St-Michel - abbey, the D-Day beaches, some regions like Champagne, The Seine River, Loire, ect … ect …

During a vacation, there is always something differently to do and so we learn to know your country better.

I say DO IT!

Jimmy, Thanks I hope it gets some impact over the next years.

73 Luc ON6DSL

Hi Luc,

This won’t happen it was just a silly idea we made up.

Jimmy M3EYP