Beautyful but cold on OH/KI-032.... a sorry for the short operations

Hey all

First of all, sorry for not working the whole 20m pile-up today on OH/KI-032. After every QSO I told myself, just one more and then I’ll stop - until I didn’t feel my hands anymore and I had to stop to jump around to get warm again. :wink:

It was significantly warmer than on Monday, likely around -15C, but there was a wind that blew only on the top that made it feel worse than -25C on Monday. The - very stiff - bothy bag helped some but it still wasn’t very comfortable…

I uploaded some pictures to SOTLAS

And here is you operator, still smiling between 40m and 20m…


Such nice pictures, like in a fairy tail!
Enjoy your adventure and have fun,
73 Stephan