Beaming East

On three of my five last activations, I’ve been delighted to work Andre ON4CAP on 2m ssb. I’ve always wondered why there aren’t more continental QSOs in the log (excepting anomalous propagation, that is).

Maybe the answer is that I just don’t spend enough time beaming in that direction. Is it conicidence that the majority of microwave operators seem to be towards the SE and so the beam is now spending longer pointing towards the SE and the continent?

I know it’s very easy to point towards the traditional centres of activity in the quest to qualify a hill. Maybe I need to spend more time with the beam generally in that direction.

73, Richard G4ERP

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Hi Richard,
Interesting observation. I was rather surprised to work Andre on 144 ssb (on4cap) when activating SW-035 (Myarth) with John (BVE). Conditions were flat and the take off to the east was quite poor from a rather low hill, looking at Sugarloaf etc.
Struggled to work N of Birmingham as Pen Y Fan was very much in the way.
Must look east in future!


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Hi Frank and Richard,

I worked Andre from Disgwylfa Fawr MW-038 over the shoulder of Plynlimon. He has a good receiver and 100 watts on tap. Very much worthwhile beaming in that direction.

73, Gerald

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Maybe the trick would be to make a list of all known chasers on 2m SSB and their locators and have a computer program that checks the beam headings for each one from a summit it could then extrapolate the information to provide you with series of directions changes for the beam based on which stations were most likely to hear you, but then again getting a beam to point exactly where you want it on a summit with the wind spinning it around is near impossible.

:0) 73 Steve GW7AAV

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getting a beam to point exactly where you want it on a summit
with the wind spinning it around is near impossible.

Relativity thought of the evening…

…so if you spin a beam at the speed of light, would it exhibit its specified gain in all directions then? …or would it never receive anything? :slight_smile:


73 Marc HB9/G0AZS

Isn’t that a pulsar, in another discipline? Not sure how to tune one, though.

Regards, Dave, M0DFA

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Every VHF (and up) contest group worth its salt has a list of everyone they have ever worked and their locator. These used to be in ring binders with beautifully hand calculated bearings. Of course now they are all computerised. Such items are definitely ‘verboten’ on some contests but that doesn’t stop them being used. Just like the UK power limit is 400W and is adhered to at all times when contesting!

Working ON on 2m from up here would be nice. I’m hoping for some good DX when I’m QRV on 70cms this summer. Of course the best laid plans etc… 1st big contest of the year 432MHz May 3-4 is out this year due to family commitments. Blast!

Now who is going to organise all the 70cms SSB activators so we can try for some multi S2S contacts?