Beacon on 7.032?

Just heard a beacon DK 32 DEKT, exactly on 7.032. I am wondering who is responsible for its activation. We suppose it will causing QRM on the frequency.

Vrata, OK1KT

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This is copied straight from, so hopefully that isn’t a problem…


Special DOK : I04DEKT


Manfred Gerken, DL1BFU
Kissinger Str. 11
28215 Bremen

DK32DEKT is on air since first of May 2009 and will be active untill 31. December 2009.

The beacon DK32DEKT is working time to time :

qrg 14032MHz, qth Bremen, pwr 9 Watt, ant vertical (cp6) 6m high

The operator of DK32DEKT are:

DL1BFU Manfred DD9BTJoachim DF6BN Detlef

DN6BN Wolfgang DK6BM Wilfried DO1BR Rainer

DK32DEKT is located inside the “Bremen Radio Museum” near the centre of Bremen and the Main Railway Station. It was founded in 1978 and shows different radio eqipment for about 80 Years ago.

The existing Amateur Radio Club Station at the Radio Museum is DK0BRM. DK32DEKT is using the equipment of DK0BRM.




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Thank you Bob, the beacon is 579 - 599 with me. I am thinking about some reaction heading to move it on some other frequency.

Vrata OK1KT

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Ask them to put it on 7039/7040 with all the Russian navy propagation beacons. Let’s QRM the people who QRM us! :wink:


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Got the beacon 549 this morning on F/VO-060.

73 Alain F6ENO

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Maybe people could drop them an email? DL1BFU’s and DO1BR’s email addresses are on QRZ.

A few of the QRP people seem displeased by its recent appearance.



In reply to G3CWI:-

QRZ.COM has a few more details than have been published here so far:

  • DK32DEKT is a Special Event callsign issued for the periode from beginning of May 2009 until the end of the year 2009.
  • According to the info I have seen this so-called beacon should have been on 14032 kHz
  • The special event being celebrated with this callsign is the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Church in Germany.

So can someone, perhaps amongst our German SOTA friends, explain what this so-called ‘special event’ station is hoping to achieve by sending a beacon signal in the middle of the QRP band segment on 40 m?

with regards
Ken - GM0AXY

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Hi Ken,

I also heard for a few hours this signal here in Austria S 7.
After that, I sent an eMail to DL1FBU with proposal to QSY upwards.
Let’s see if this helps,

John - OE7PHI

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Hello Ken

I can’t imagine that it would be welcome on 14.032 either! I have sent an email asking for a QSY…

Here is the email of the museum:

and their contact details:

Findorffstrasse 22-24
D-28215 Bremen
Tel +49(0)421-35 74 06
Fax +49(0)421-35 06 388



At least 3 activations apppear to have taken place on 7.032 this morning, with this afternoon’s activity being more on 7.033. Does the beacon wipe the frequency out when it is on, or just make things more inconvenient?


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It depends where you are Tom.

It was 529 to me here on the East Coast of the UK; about the same signal strength as many EU QRP activators.

Last heard here around 1530 UTC yesterday, nil since, so it has either moved or propagation has changed.


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When the “beacon” was on yesteday it did wipe out any chance of using 7032 for any QRP activity i.e. SOTA activity; A narrow CW filter and moving +/- from 7032 was a must. The beacon was S5 to S7 here with me.
I have listened on 7032 a few times today, and I have not heard the ‘beacon’. Hopefully it has been taken off the air or been moved to somewhere else out of harms way.
73 de Ken - GM0AXY

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I have been activating various summits in DM since Monday to Thursday allways checking 7032 kHz first. Only on Wendesday there was a 589 sig from the “beacon” so I had to go to 7031. No much trouble, but I consider it being rather inconsiderate (ruecksichtlos in german) to put on an automated transmission for whatever purpose except for testing the propagation on the determined frequencies.
73, Ruda OK2QA

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I have had a reply from the beacon operators to my e-mail:

“Hello Richard,
thank you for the information but we were not informed about these facts, the beacon transmisson has dropped already yesterday.
manfred dl1bfu”

It seems that a polite request has proved effective.



An excellent result. We have no “right” to 7.032 as a SOTA CW channel, but it has become a strong, and positive tradition.

Well done, and thank you, both to those that made the polite requests, and to the beacon operators themselves for responding and actioning in such a considerate manner.


Hallo lieber Manfred!

Vielen Dank für die schnelle Reaktion!

Ich hoffe, das Ihre Bake wird auf entsprechenden QRG viel Erfolg bringen!

Wir , SOTA Aktivierer würden uns freuen, wen DK32DEKT oder andere Stationen als “Chaser”
viele qso mit uns machen würden.

Alles Gute! Schöne Grüsse aus Budapest

                                         73  DX  Pista  HA5TI írta:

Hallo HA5TI,
danke für die Information, leider waren wir nicht über diese QRG-Regelung informiert, die Bake wurde bereits am 10.6. abgeschaltet.
sri es 73 Manfred DL1BFU

In reply to M1EYP:
I have also got a quick and polite answer from the two German hams. They are sorry for the inconveniance for us and stopped the beacons on 10 June.
By the way, due to extreme QRL-activity and necessary maintenance work with house and garden I have not been chasing SOTA for more than a week - terrible ;-).
Cuagn and 73
Mike, ex DJ8EP