Battery for SOTA

Battery for SOTA.

I recieve a mail from Roberto EA4EVK with next question.

Hello Luc,

This is Roberto (EA4EVK), im interesting on SOTA, and i would like to know, what kind of battery do you use on your activities. I will use an Icom Ic-7000 and the LGD AT-7000 and an outback 2000.

Thank you very much and 73.

See u on the air.

I give him the link of this sota reflector.
Perhaps you all help Roberto.


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Hi Luc (and Roberto)

When I use my IC706 II G with my LDG AT-7000 to a 26m doublet, I’m generally using my 7ah sealed lead acid battery (SLAB). With the rig at about 25watts, this comfortably gives me one to two hours (depending on listening) of activation time with mixed modes (CW and SSB) on various bands… and the 706 has very high RX current draw so you will probably do better.

On the other hand, with the PFR-3 at 5 watts to the 26m doublet, a 2ah SLAB lasted me a whole day of S&P in the IOTA contest in SM… hi

GL es 73 Marc G0AZS

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I use an IC7000 with 7ah and 12ah gel sealed lead acid batteries. It does work with just the Gel battery, but the IC7000 needs a higher voltage for full 100w output and it will also cut out due to low voltage at a much higher voltage than say an ft857d. The way I get around this is to add a high capacity 1.2v Nimh battery in series, the one I use is 13ah. This is a good combination.

I also use 4 cell 14.8v 5000mah LiPo packs. The problem here is the opposite, the inital voltage is too high (16.8v) and needs to be reduced somehow. I have done this with diodes (bridge rectifiers) in series and remove them with a jump lead as the voltage falls. I sometimes use two LiPo packs in parallel to increase capacity. The advantage of the LiPo pack is it is much lighter than an equivalent capacity gel battery.

Nigel. G6SFP.

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Re:Re:Battery for SOTA.
thank you very very much for helping me. I will look for those kind of battery and try.

Thank to subscribe me.

See you and 73.