Base for Block of Ice GOAT award

Hi….I’ve been on a hunt for a small-ish base to slip the Block-of-Ice SOTA Goat award into…holding it in place.

I have a similar base that holds another award….I like it because although I can remove the award from the base, the opening that the award slips into has some sponges-rubber that grips the award and keeps it from falling out…

Any suggestions?

P.S. it would be wonderful if such a base was offered when ordering the Block-of-Ice from the SOTA Shop….

73, Jim / AC3B

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If one is starting from scratch, consider a wooden base, routed out, with a felt bottom.
In the base, the bottom of the glass award would rest on a thin piece of translucent Perspex, Plexiglas, etc., which would be softly illuminated by a row of white (or some other favorite color) LEDs, powered by a wall-wart supply. Such a display could also serve as a night-lite. This will take some effort and talent, however, I’m sure both are out there. Thought about this only after having made wall mount versions for both XYL and myself.

All Best, Ken

Great ideas
I would do something to help - however I have both limited time and limited resources. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Anybody out there willing to help?

Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager

The front view of the hollow stand should look like a Vee, so it captures just the lower corners, and it should be coloured royal blue, me thinks. It would need to be a tight fit, obviously, and that would allow one to get away with no lining. If a light is desired, try parking it in front of a night light located lower down.

Elliott, K6EL (K6ILM)

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