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Barlinderåsen AH-010

Thank you for all the QSO’s yesterday. I will enter the QSO’s as soon as the new Norwegian summits are in the database.

Target: AH-010 Barlinderåsen
Alt: 398m

3 hour walk(total)
20+ QSO’s
Sunburnt neck
Happy op.

73 Bjørn LB1GB

FB Bjorn.

I am incredibly busy at the moment, but I will upload the new LA summits to the Database as soon as I can.

Glad you are enjoying LA SOTA.


In reply to LB1GB:

Hi Bjorn

Thanks for another QSO, this SOTA is addictive stuff you know, hi.
Your story re 1st LA Sota is in Summits News now if you haven’t seen it. www.summitsbase.org.uk


In reply to M1EYP:

Thanks for the update Tom. Trust you to upload when time permits.

73 Bjorn

In reply to GW0DSP:

Hi Mike,

Good QSO again. It sure is addictive and it makes you push a little harder to reach that next peak. Even if the peak you’re on is offering a nice view, it’s not always a valid SOTA :wink:

Summits Base News is great Mike, and what a surprise; Flickr SOTA photo of the month.

73 de Bjørn

In reply to LB1GB:

Hi Bjorn

Yes, it was good to QSO again and FB on your photo, it received quite a few votes.

I look forward to Tom updating LA ARM so we can log the contacts, but as he says he is extremely busy at the moment, he is regularly updating his thread on the reflector each day, on his & Jimmy’s recent G/SE & G/SC tour . I’m sure he will do it in the very near future though.

73 & good SOTAing