Bardsey Island

After Activating Snowdon on 29th April MW0ZZO and 2W0WMG will be spending a week on Bardsey Island. There will probably be several activations of GW/NW-072 (Mynydd Enlli). However as this is not primarily a trip for the purposes of SOTA, I have only posted the activation for the Monday (1/5/2011) at 10:00 UTC.

If any chasers out there really want this one, and can’t be available on the Monday, let me know and I will try to organise something else. We are going to be active until Friday 6th. I may be able to oblige with an evening activation for those at work.


James M0ZZO

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Hi James
Thanks for the notification. I would like to work you on Bardsey but am at work on Monday. I will post here when I know when I will be around in the hope of catching you. I was on the Lleyn all last weeks and activated several summits then. I wanted to get on to Bardesy Island but the boat wasn’t running until the beginning of May! I might get you on 144 SSB or 7 SSB from Warrington.

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MW0ZZO and 2W0WMG will be spending a week on Bardsey Island.

Don’t forget to call “IOTA EU-124” to attract other punters…

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I don’t think there is much chance of forgetting to call “IOTA EU-124” as this is primarily an IOTA activation.

Thanks for posting though. It’s better to have the reminder several times than not at all.


James M0ZZO

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Monday - 2/5/11 ;o)

Will be looking for you!

73 Graham G4FUJ

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Hi James,
If you need aluminium antenna poles during your stay, we (GW0NWR) left a few in the outbuildings next to the lighthouse. Your welcome to use them if they are still there. Ask Colin or his parents (fishermen on the island) if you can’t find them.

If you enjoy wildlife (of the animal kind) there’s plenty to see, lots of Grey seals and Manx Shearwaters.
I’ve done at least five trips to Bardsey including a week stay on two occasions with my local radio club GW0NWR.
Lots of interesting history about the island, fascinating place.

Enjoy the outdoor privy!

Roger MW0IDX