Bardon Hill activation today

Looking at the forecast it may be a bit windy across the UK today. I will take the final decision when I get to the parking spot and will send an SMS with decision about whether to go to the summit of Bardon Hill (G/CE-004) this afternoon.

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I can see the summit from here - a little windy, but looking bright!


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is ya there yet :smile:

Probably not Karl - see the Alerts page.

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he’s setting up
Only U and Vhf thou


Thanks Rob, it was a little breezy especially up by the trig point but not so bad if sheltering by the stone building near the main antenna mast.

I made 7 contacts in total. 3 on 70MHz and 4 on 145MHz with one station worked on both bands. So, 6 different stations in total.

I think that counts as an activation? I seem to remember that you have to make a minimum of 4 with different stations but I think they can be spread across different bands.

I’ll read the rules again just to make sure I’ve understood correctly.

I also have had to contact the database manager as I’ve forgotten my password and the email that I probably set up way-back-when is now not valid, so I can’t get a reminder…

I’m sure it’s probably fixable though.