Barbed Wire/Poundlands/Lagging/GOML's

That thread drifted a bit and got fairly long. Thanks for the answers, here in the Colonies [and in particular, a lot further westward], we have Barbed Wire which I think is the same, Dollar Tree [you can put that one together no doubt], Pipe Wrap [which comes in the longitudinally-split foam variety, and a foam tape you can wrap around the pipe]. We also have Harbor Freight full of very inexpensive tools and other things from China that usually break the first time I use them. Maybe I’m just a klutz.

We also have unpleasant people with nicknames I’m not going to use here. A number of them are in the business of “agriculture,” growing cash crops, often inside with lots of growie lights. We do have the 2nd Amendment here which allows one to own guns, and you don’t want to confront these folks in the woods. My wife and I are staunch supporters of the 2nd Amendment, we have one gun between us, a musket from the Civil War which hangs over the fireplace. Oh, and I do have a sling shot which I use to discourage the turkeys and deer.

And, I was just kidding about the altitude of our summits, although California does have the highest one in the “Lower 48” and if anyone ever puts Denali [Mt. McKinley] on the air, I’ll be in the pileup, although we’ll need a KL7 Association for that to happen. Denali should be worth … oh I don’t know, maybe … a half million points?

Lots of fun, a few more sunspots and we’ll be able to hear you guys on your summits.


Fred K6DGW
Auburn California USA CM98

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I still sport a scar from barbwire when my one foot on the ground slipped, That was over 30 years ago. I should have had stitches but did not have the stomach to tell my parents where I had been! Sean M0GIA