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Bands & Modes - activator QSOs

I’ve passed through 60K activator QSOs recently. I thought I’d have a look at how they stacked up:

Band QSOs
2m 21396
20m 8452
40m 6292
6m 5826
70cm 5672
12m 4140
30m 3244
80m 2310
10m 1549
17m 880
15m 748
60m 121
160m 14
3cm 1
4m 1
Mode QSOs
SSB 22829
CW 20884
FM 12658
DATA 3834
DV 427
AM 14
Combo QSOs
2m FM 11654
2m SSB 8769
20m CW 6465
40m CW 5530
6m SSB 5156
70cm SSB 4723
12m CW 2676
30m CW 2246
80m CW 1207
12m SSB 1096
20m SSB 1076
30m DATA 998
10m CW 939
20m DATA 911
70cm FM 902
80m SSB 858
17m CW 599
40m SSB 517
15m CW 514
2m DV 416
10m SSB 414
12m DATA 368
6m CW 364
2m DATA 287
2m CW 263
6m DATA 245
40m DATA 245
80m DATA 245
17m DATA 206
15m DATA 174
10m DATA 149
60m SSB 76
17m SSB 75
6m FM 61
15m SSB 60
10m FM 40
60m CW 39
70cm CW 36
70cm DV 11
160m SSB 8
2m AM 7
10m AM 7
60m DATA 6
160m CW 6
3cm SSB 1
4m FM 1

It was a useful exercise if only to weed out the dodgy entries (14MHz FM, 10MHz SSB etc)!



Congratulations. That’s an impressive total.
Have you calculated footsteps per QSO yet?

When you state DATA is that FT8/FT4 only or other forms like PSK31?
Does anyone use PSK31 for SOTA?
Since my KX3 supports paddle-friendly PSK31 I am considering trying it from summits.

David N6AN

Wow !
That is something! Especially the VHF stuff. VHF around here is pretty sparse, maybe 100 QSOs in the 2 years I’ve been chasing.
I’d give PSK31 or RTTY a go, Dave. No reason it wouldn’t work if
you can send it with your key.

Thanks David.

I have used the following datamodes on SOTA activations:


I’m still working on activating with RTTY and JS8!

Dear Tom,
This is impressive and surprising. My best guess would have been 40m SSB but not 2 m. My view may have been biased by the fact that I am predominantly activating with 2m SSB and life always seems to be easier for others. :wink:

BR Peter

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Thanks Peter.

It surprises me too.

I thought I was predominantly an HF SOTA activator, but the data suggests otherwise.

I thought I was predominantly a non-phone mode SOTA activator, but the data suggests otherwise!