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Bald Mountain W6/SC-272

This one is fairly close to the house. I asked Bob KB6CIO along. Bald Mountain is on private property but I have permission from the ranch manger. Bob arrived at my house about 6:45 am. We loaded up my truck and headed out. I had to pick up the key to a gate from the ranch manager, we arrived at his place and got the key. On the drive out I explained to Bob that the Huasna Land & Cattle Ranch is 57000 acres and the ranch manager has a plane to patrol it.
We arrived at the gate and I went to open the lock on the gate but there was no lock. Strange I thought. I opened the gate and headed up the narrow dirt trail winding through the oak forest. The hills are very green and there is some water in the creeks. The trail is a bit hard to follow but I managed not to get lost. We got to the top of the ridge and turned to the summit. The temp on the truck thermometer was in the 40’s and it was windy but the sun was out. We arrived at the bald summit. Bob set up next to the fence and I moved a little way away.
I bought a new camp chair that only weighs about 1 pound. I got it out and set it up, MISTAKE! The wind caught it and blew it down the hill. It went about 60 feet and luckily stopped. I put my pack on it. I put the end fed random wire antenna up on the 23 ft mast and then setup the balun on one of my hiking poles. I then set up the radio and sat in the chair. I usually sit on the ground and have problems with my legs hurting. This chair is a game changer!
I called CQ on 40 meters CW first. First to call me was W5GNB Gary in New Mexico. I had 15 in the log and then switched to 20 meter CW. I called K9OZ Bruce on summit W5A/OZ-006 Woods Mountain in Arkansas. I then worked 11 more. I then switched to 10 meters and moved down the bands. Jumping around looking for s2s. I managed to get 7 s2s, one in Canada. VE7EA Larry on VE7/CL-012 Jocelyn Hill on Vancouver Island, BC. Band conditions were good today. Farthest contact looks like WX1S Fred in New Hampshire.
As Bob and I were on the radio I noticed a small yellow plane making its way up the valley below us. I recognized it as the ranch managers plane. He turned towards us and gained some altitude. Flying right at us. I waved at him and he flew 50 feet over our heads! What a blast!
51 qso’s with 7 summit 2 summits, 0 DX.
We packed up after a successful activation and drove down the bumpy hill and managed not to get lost.
Fun as always.
Thanks Chasers and Activatiors!