Bad weather in North Wales today

Hi all very strong windy conditions today. I had to cancel my third activation.
Managed GW/NW-040 first thing.

Then off to GW/NW-035 and thing went from bad to worst as I only managed 3 QSO’s in 15 minutes on 2 M FM now matter how I pleaded for the last contact to qualify the summit. In the end I started to set up my HF Gear to try, my mast kept getting blown over so I was starting to get annoyed with everything. Lucky I had left my hand held on the calling frequency and heard GW4VPX. Thank you Allan you made my day.



Well done Paul , days like these is when you dont want to be sitting around on a windy summit for too long . Been rather windy over here in wiltshire today .

All the best 73 , 2e0fgx

Tom and I were out yesterday too. My comments here: - YouTube

Tom found a nice shelted spot. - YouTube

Hi Richard
Yes I managed to talk to you during my drive home I was near Llangollen at the time


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