Backpack eme

There are rumours about that an eme contact between W5RZ and DL7APV was completed this weekend using a backpack station. No other details yet.


It’s feasible using a single Yagi (19elel) and about 150W on 70cms using JT65 (or some other such mode).

You’d need:
70cms trx
150W+ PA

Probably you can do it with less uplink if the other station is a serious EME station.

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On Sat Sept. 8th I could Work Tom MX0CNS with his DIPOL!!! & 60w easy -27/-21

That about sums up the required equipment.


35 watts and 19 element from IO87 - not me incidentally

From the easy, in-town activations with a 2m HT, to chasing Summit-to-Summit contacts, to SSB on a busy band, to QRPP CW, to microwave SSB over hundreds of miles - some things about SOTA are a bit easier, some more challenging. I took up the challenge to do SOTA Portable EME on 70cm. Way not easy, and with a few more minutes I may have had my forth EME QSO - but I ran out of UTC day (and besides, the park was closing). Equipment used was 19el yagi, FT-857d with TXCO, KLM amp at 100W, 32Ah and 12Ah LiFePO4 batteries - okay for a short carry at about 70 pounds total. Etienne-K7ATN