Back from PE trip

Last monday, I was on the road driving to south of France.

My first SOTA was NO-002, located in the north of Bourgogne (a well-known region for its famous Pommard, Meursault etc…).

In the afternoon, I reach region ‘Bugey’ (well-known for its famous Roussette, Cerdon etc…) and could activate JU-066 and JU-041.

Tuesday, I drove south in the ‘Rhône valey’ and stopped in region ‘CR’, Côte du Rhône (well-known for for its famous Châteauneuf du Pape, Costière de Nîmes etc…) and activated CR-250 and CR-257.

Then, from wednesday, I was located near Sète, in Languedoc region (well-known for its famous Frontignan, Picpoul de Pinet etc…) and tried to activate some summits each day. The WX wa sunny but very windy and cold. Had often 80km/h wind… and my antenna blowed off 4 times ! PE summits are not very difficult, and I did’nt walk more than one hour and half to reach the highers summits.

Last monday, I leaved south and crossed over JU region (I stopped near JU-054 to buy some Cerdon…).

Finaly I activated 16 summits (all new ones). Had only 3 “S2S” QSOs, but many, many friends again, with big piles up. Many thanks to you who were waiting for my CW sigs, specialy to Andy F5AKL who helped me every day.

I made 465 QSO with nice DX like UA2, SM, and LA.
Special thanks to
and to CW beginners F4CTJ, M0COP who came courageously in pile up !

It was a real pleasure to exchange few quick words with everyone; a ‘73’ or ‘TKS’ or ‘MCI’ is always appreciated when on a summit in strong wind and 5°C…!!

A video will be soon on line.

Now, I’m in home sweet home… in Champagne (a famous region for its …etc !!!)

Best 73 to all
Alain F6ENO

Database is now updated

In reply to F6ENO:

Hi Alain, I bet you are happy to be back home after your tour. Congrats on a job well done, with many new ones for the chasers.
Thanks for the FB S2S from F/JU-066 - GW/NW-062 and also for all other QSOs.
I think maybe a little piece in the next Sota News about your tour.

73 Mike GW0DSP