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Back again after 12 months-GW/NW-070

Well it was close to 12 months since I visited The Great Orme. A lot has changed in regard to access, last year Wales had just opened up to Tourists and visitors, its still mandatory to wear mask in the cafe here.

I have a real draw to this summit because it is one of a small accessible for poor mobility as you can drive up to the top and walk a short way on to grass verge and off you go!

I wanted to try and get this one activated on VHF ,but using SSB? I was not disappointed as I ended up with 4 in the log on 2m ssb. My DX was with Craig 2E0VRX just outside Skipton. I was using an FT857D into a 3 element Beam 15 watts to reserve the 7ah slab. I then managed to grab 2 S2S’s with Dave GW8NZN/P on Snowdon and Peter 2W1PJE/P on NW-005 Thanks both!

Only 1 contact on 4M, with Chris GW3YQP in Conway, not exactly DX but showed the cheap Quangsheng HH was working.

Also got a SOTA to HEMA S2S with Dom on Blackstone Edge.

Lovely WX sunshine all the way, now this was planned weeks ago and booked Hotel for respite break. so It had to happen today, albeit 10 days ago I had both my Big toes nails removed??!! So I walked up a summit (tongue in cheek here) with open toed sandals and bandages on my big toes :joy:

I did say I would post a pic to show them, but was advised it might frighten a few of you :rofl: so no pic, but it proves it has to be the easiest access around??!!

Thanks to all I spoke to up there today, including non hams who were very interested in me and MW1FHM Alan, who appeared about 11am UTC to do some HF , I spoke to him before we descended and he had qualified on HF. Well Done !!

Best 73 Tony


Great to meet you up there Tony. Just after you left another activator @M0WBG arrived, so three of us in one day!
I also got quite a few interested people wondering what a fishing pole was doing up there :slight_smile:

Al - M1FHM


Hi Alan, yes good day for an Eyeball on Great Orme! wow cool on M0WBG arriving, it shows how popular a summit this is! and yes I did get the usual question “are you looking for aliens” from non hams, but I did direct a few of them to this website.

Great to see you well don on activation 73 Tony