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AZ Goat

Thank you all for your congrats. I started this quest three and a half years ago more as a Chaser than an Activator. With local support I got hooked on the Activation aspect of SOTA. Being retired I certainly had the extra time and could use the exercise. As an Activator you are challenged with weather, bad roads, locked gates, the cold, the heat, bugs, steep and unmarked trails, etc. to reach the Summits.
It is the Chasers at the other end I want to thank. Knowing when I turn on my radio there will be a few ears out there eager to listen for my signals. I have worked many of you often and consider you all as friends.
Thank you again for your messages and comments especially to a bunch of local Chasers and Activators who blazed the trails for me to follow.

                                                                                     Ray / W7USA