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Awards and merchandise availability

I will be moving home shortly and as a consequence SOTA Awards and Merchandise will NOT be available during this period.
Last orders must be placed no later than Midnight UTC on 26 October 2015; after that time no further orders will be processed and I will also be unavailable to answer any queries. I am not certain how long I will be unavailable but please plan on this continuing until January 2016.

Normal service will be resumed once I have both a broadband connection and my home office set up.

Apologies for any inconvenience

Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager

Good luck with the home move. Very stressful.

You should see the “treasure” I have had to put in the skip or sent to be re-cycled. :cry:

Pristine Pye Westminster (FM/2m) on its way for recycling tomorrow!

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Good luck with the move Barry. We have been here about 20 years and arrived using a 7.5 tonne lorry. Looking around now it would take about 15 lorries. I think this winter I should do some ‘weeding’.
Best wishes and hope all goes well.

I have locked all products on the shopping site and will re-instate them once I am in a position where I can fulfill new orders for awards and merchandise.
Please be patient it may be some time


Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager

I have ordered on the 16th October but have not received, can you let me know the status of this order?


Chris, M0XRS

Please see the thread about the problems with the database.
This has severely affected my ability to check claims and I have had to get Andy to manually check claims for me from an offline backup. Having said that, I am currently sending out all award applications and yours will depart Chez TOE sometime this week - if I can find the way out of the house over 15 years of accumulated treasure and piles of packing cases as we struggle to move home

Barry GM4TOE

Dear Berry,
thank you for the quick processing of my application for a certificate.
Good luck with your move.


I tried to order on Monday afternoon well before the midnight deadline but it appeared that everything had been locked out :unamused:

Victor GI4ONL

Good luck with your move.
Something I don’t understand.
I have placed an order on Oct. 7th 2015, long before the deadline. But until now (more than 20 days after that order) I didn’t get anything except the automated confirmation of that order.
Do I have to wait until the shop opens again next year?

73 DC9FO

I’m not sure if Barry has internet access at present. He may still be in his old QTH or he may have actually moved and waiting internet hookup. If you don’t get a reply immediately it will be because Barry physically cannot reply.

I placed my order on the 18 October, certificate and trophy arrived today (03 Nov)
Many thanks to Barry for managing this during his house moving, when he will have 101 other things to do, all at
the same time !


I am still here just having got rid of another load of priceless “treasure” - my workbench!

I believe every order placed on the website has now been despatched and certainly your order for a flag and badge has been despatched

Barry GM4TOE


I’m also waiting for my trophy mountain goat


Thanks Barry,
today I found the envelope with both in my mailbox.

73 Wolfgang DC9FO

There is a certain amount of merchandise availability while Barry is out of action. Richard G3CWI at SOTAbeams has kindly agreed to take an extra amount of stock and make it available via the SOTAbeams website. This is done entirely as a favour to the programme, with all profits going back into SOTA; SOTAbeams is not taking a penny!

Details here:



Very impressed with the new SOTA winter hats. I may have to buy one myself.

The hat makes you look like a new man Richard.

Good on Richard for doing this - Thanks Richard.