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Autumn SOTA trip

Hello everyone this coming weekend Hugh VK5NHG and I VK5CZ are heading for Yunta again on a 6 summit trip. Hugh has done the ring round to the land owners again so we have permission for 6 summits this time. Not sure what order yet we will pick off a couple on Friday with a detour on the way type journey and get 2 every day all going well . Saturday will be the biggest hit out and the more Kilometres travelled out in sheep station country with some good hikes and lots of gates to open and close. Sunday should be easier with one left out west of Yunta, then on the road trip home we should get number 6. I am particularly excited as it should push my scores up closer to half of a goat. We have good internet most of the time from phones, we use flight mode while moving between summits to save the phones searching for out of range networks and having a flat battery when you need to spot on the summit. We will Alert our intentions later in the week once we get better idea of poa etc.
hope to work many chasers.
Regards Ian vk5cz …

Excellent. I plan to be out and about on Fri/Sat this week. Hopefully we can snare a few S2S on Sat, I’ll look for your spots.
I am planning on being at a 10 point summit on Fri night local time so will be trying for some EU DX.

I’ll post alerts when I’ve got the route all nailed down.


That’s a great tip Ian! On my (few) multi-summit activation days, I have found that my phone runs out of “juice” before the rig does! I also have a USB connection port in the LIPO monitoring LED display so I can recharge the phone from the LIPOs if needed. I could also recharge the phone in the car between car parks but I seem to forget that!

By the way, will any of your activations be late afternoon to (possibly) catch long path back into Europe?


Well folks the trip is going ok we got only one summit this morning as it rained and the tracks to the summit we had planned for this afternoon was called off. Save cutting up the roads in 4x4 and leave them in a mess for the locals once we go home, never to be allowed back. But we are ever hopeful Saturday will be better weather and we are going to try another all weather road which is a longer trip but we should get to a summit if not two Saturday fingers crossed. I thought it never rain round here it only pours.
Ian vk5cz …