August 2016 New Associations and Updates

The Netherlands PA undertook a major review this month with three summits deleted and one new summit added. Please note that the deleted summits will continue to be available for scoring towards awards until 31/07/2017 when they will no longer be valid. Many thanks to the AM Hans. Please check the SOTA database and PA ARM for details.

New Caledonia FK became the latest new association added this month with.
Best wishes go to its new AM Sam FK8DD

Canada (British Columbia) VE7 undertook a major review this month with much assistance from its AM Nathan VE7ETS. There are some 300+ new summit added as well as a few border summit changes.

The summit team worldwide have been kept busy as always. Many thanks go to them all and the AM’s for their contributions too!



I didn’t expect the update for PA so soon. Had to break off my trip to the UK for the first activation of PA/PA-006.

73, Hans PB2T

Thanks are also due to Arnaud JG1XMV and Warren ZL2AJ. Arnaud spent a lot of time cleaning up summit names and Warren surveyed the 350 odd summits.

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Thanks Andrew. Many thanks to you as well as this association would not have been born without your coordination and the time you spent cleaning things up. Although the FK association was “only” 350 odd summits you do not realize how much work goes into these until you get involved and help. I felt guilty I did not help with JA so I was happy to be able to help with the FK association. I can’t believe how much work and how many man hours must have gone into the JA association with it thousands of summits. Anyway, I am glad I could go from a “consumer” of other people’s work to being a contributor. Hopefully this new FK association will spice things up for VK chasers. Good luck to Sam FK8DD and all the New Caledonia hams. I am looking forward to seeing the first activations there.


Pleased to see FK now active. I hope to visit someday and see the land layout in person. It was a pleasure to map.

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Thanks for your help Warren!

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It is indeed very good news for VK and ZL to have another Pacific DXCC entity able to participate in SOTA. Thanks to everyone involved in making it happen. You are right, Arnaud, the work involved is substantial.

I have worked one FK8 chaser when activating in VK1 but they are rare. Activators will be very much sought after whenever they appear.


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