Attn: Yorkshire chasers

I will be heading up to Skipton area tomorrow (Saturday) for NP-029 & NP-028. It’s a bit of a trek (2 hour drive each way) but there’s really no summits anywhere near Doncaster where I’m working at present.

As it is forecast to be damp, and because I’ll need to be back in Doncaster for soundcheck by 1630z, being able to get away with 2m FM handheld + rubber duck activations would suit me best. However, on my recent visits to these summits, getting contacts on 2m FM has been challenging - which is both surprising and unusual compared to my optimistic perception and observation of summits and 2m activity around the country generally.

So I reckon I’ll be on Sharp Haw in the morning and Rombalds Moor around lunchtime, if chasers in Yorkshire could be kindly monitoring 145.500MHz FM :slight_smile:

Hello Tom,

It’s my weekend off so I should be around listening for you. I will alert some locals here too.
Hope to work you tomorrow.

73 Chris M0RSF

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Hi Tom

I’ve worked those two summits loads of times on 2m FM. A good possibility of working you in distant Pickering but will probably not hear anything if you use the rubber duck. Have you tried one of the chinese whips such as the RH770? They only cost about £8. I find them a lot more effective than a rubber duck and they are easily carried in the pocket. I’ll be monitoring whatever you carry. Tomorrow I hope to break through 150K Chaser points - I only need 50 points and weekends are a goldmine for chaser points.

The last time I worked M1EYP/P on NP-029 was 08/08/2013 using 12m CW and on NP-028 it was 08/08/2013 on 2m FM. My logbook says I have had 135 QSOs with your English callsign.

73 Phil

Hi Tom
Will try and get you as I always look out for you on SotaWatch but as yet have never managed to contact you.

73 Take care

You worked me on my activations of Bishop Wilton Wold G/TW-004 on 3rd and 4th January this year.

Got you easily with the HH and RD as it turned out Phil.

Yes, good comms both ways Tom to Rombalds Moor, thanks.
73 de Phil

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So with the HT and helical, two easy qualifications. Five QSOs from Sharp Haw then nine from Rombalds Moor.

In contrast with my positive perception of VHF activity around the country, I’ve struggle from these two in recent years (when only bothering to use a 2m handheld that is).

So VHF isn’t just alive and well, it’s on the up! Very pleasing, and meant I was back at Doncaster Racecourse in plenty of time before 1530z.

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I managed 5x 2m FM QSOs from Sharp Haw on a Tuesday lunchtime in Jun 2016 using a handy and its rubber duck. So there’s no real improvement showing here.

Hi Tom, I am interest in the antenna you use on the hand held. You mentioned a helical. What is that, eg brand etc.

73 de Geoff vk3sq

Just the rubber duck as supplied with the Yaesu FT70D.

Andy, as well you know the comparison is with my own activations there in the last 2/3 years.

Thanks for G/NP-029 and G/NP-028 yesterday Tom.

73 Chris M0RSF

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Thanks for monitoring for me Chris!