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We (DF6PW,DJ7PI and DK1BN) will be in Brasov from May 18-23 and hope to activate at least two summits mostly on 14 and 18Mhz. Some summit information beside the web would be very helpful. Are there some romanian hams reading these lines ?
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In reply to DK1BN:

Some summit information beside the web would be very helpful.


Unfortunately the data provided by the YO Association is suspectedly fairly incomplete.
Just one example: In Kovászna (in Romanian: Covasna) county, where my grandparents were born, absolutely no summits (i.e. zero) are specified! Even if the range of Carpatian mountains turn from N-S direction to E-W direction within this county and it is full of 1000-1500-1700m high summits. Having checked the tourist map of Erdély (a.k.a. “Transylvania”) I assume that the number of summits qualifying in compliance with the SOTA regulations is between 20 and 30.
Last autumn I hiked on top of 3 summits but without any RIG because in lack of references approved by the MT my effort would not have been accepted as a valid activation. :frowning:
I hope that the YO association shall have completed it within a short period, possibly prior to your journey.

73: Jóska, HA5CW/M0HAA

Hi Walter

You are very welcome to our beautiful city. Unfortunately just as Jóska said the current SOTA list list is highly incomplete and some places rather inaccurate, my home county (Kovászna) does not appear at all in that list, even though it has at least 5 qualifying summits or maybe more. Things are going rather slow here, not much interest in SOTA, I found myself most of the time rather lonely in this activity. This is also because currently I have only an FM handy, and without any good chaser locally is hard to do anything.
Anyway back to the topic, there are quite a few valid summits in the Brasov region so you can have better luck here:
Postavarul (Keresztényhavas) YO/EC-011 is the closest, it is the highest peak in the Poiana Brasov ski resort (so it also has cable car almost to the top)
there are several peaks in the Bucegi mountains (Omu - YO/MC-006, Bucsoiul - YO/MC-008, Moraru - YO/MC-018, Costila - YO/MC-019, Caraiman - YO/MC-15), fairly easily accessible also by a cable car from Busteni up to the plateau, from where an easy 1-2 hour hike to the summits,
this time of the year though it is still covered with snow.
Some more interesting peaks in the are are the Piatra Mare (Nagykohavas) - YO/EC-008 to the east and La Om (Pásztor-csúcs) YO/MC-017 together with Piatra Mica (Kis-Királyko) YO/MC-027 in the Piatra Craiului (Királyko) mountains. These are a little bit harder hikes but very beautiful sights :).
Also you should be careful, that in some areas there might be snow
If you need more info or you may be thinking on some other summits I will gladly offer you all I know. I am also in Brasov during the weekdays, so maybe we can chat on 2m or 70cm.

Csaba YO6PIB