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Attending an MT meeting

Last summer, I had a great pleasure of attending a SOTA MT meeting (see attached photo). Everything was good, but one idea was bothering me all the time: “OMG, they cloned Andy again!”
Best 73’s,


They have to clone Andy, Zoran - that’s the ONLY way he can do as much work on the database for the group, as he does!

GREAT Picture!!

73 Ed DD5LP.

Not grey enough. Actually it’s nearly all white now. I found a picture from early SOTA days (2007) and there was hardly any grey. And a lot more of it.

Yeah, these guys are just wise. Being computer wise is what takes the grayness out…

Ed, if you ever decide to activate E7/HA-008, you’ll certainly come across these happy guys. They are at permanent exibition at an ethno village nearby… And, yes, thanks to Andy I registered my activation earlier today. And on many other occasions…

I wonder who the other two are :smiling_imp:

Feburary 2004 in Samseong-dong, Seoul with hair on the top (thin mind you) but coloured hair.

August 2017, Cairn-mon-Earn, Aberdeenshire, in need of Just For Men!

Not me, I’m clean-shaven, and if I was wise I wouldn’t be here, the pubs are on last orders!

The one on the left is a dead ringer for me, but for the fact he has a big box of gold.