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Attempt to acivate LA/AA-054

This afternoon I’ll head out into the Setesdal mountains, tenting the night, then attempt to reach, and ativate, LA/AA-054. I’ve already entered an official Alert, just wanted to add some more info. Wx report looks good, so we should make the summit about 9UTC +/- an hour, tomorrow aug. 1st.

First part of the hike - to the planned camp ground - is pretty benign and well marked but headed for the summit, the terrain becomes more unforgiving and you’re more exposed to wind. Map and compass is sure needed for this part :slight_smile:

Tried this peak a couple years back, but we had to turn around due to wx.

My rig: HB-1B on 8xAA cells, so power will be from 5W and downwards. Antenna is a GP cut for 14.060, so listen for me there :slight_smile: Once at the summit, setup time will be around 10-15 minutes, depending on condx. If anything, I’ll have my friend hiking with me, actually hold the fibre pole while I try for the 4 QSO’s.

Hope to hear you on the band!


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