Association Updates October 2015

There have 2 association updates for October.

First, CT3 - Madeira has been updated. This involves the fixing the summit positions from the original ones which had a constant offset of a few hundred meters. In addition MI-002 has had a typo in its height fixed. This was incorrectly read from the map as 1854m when it is 1654m and the points adjusted.

PS-006 & PS-007 are 2 new summits on Porto Santo island and a new region, ID - Ilhas Desertas has been added containing 3 summits. The islands in Ilhas Desertas has very specific access rules which will limit the opportunities to activate them but I would expect massive interest from IOAT as well as SOTA chasers should they come on the air.

Madeira continues to be a very popular destination for SOTA activators and along with EA8 and its recent updates, offers easy access for European activators to combine operating SOTA from Africa and a fine vacation.

The other update is a major re-evaluation of OE. This has involved significant labour from OE AM Sylvia OE5YYN and her assistants along with the summits team. A previous review left OE with a mixture of P100 and P150 summits and all have been resolved to P150. A large number of previously omitted summits have been added.

New summits include:

  • KT-255 to KT385 inclusive
  • NO-210 to NO-324 inclusive
  • OO-386 to OO-441 inclusive
  • SB-336 to SB-362 inclusive
  • ST-383 to ST- 496 inclusive
  • TI-676 to TI-999 inclusive
  • TL-001 to TL-052 inclusive (extension to TI)
  • VB-256 to VB-534 inclusive

Summits being deleted in OE remain valid till 31-December-2015.

Please join me in thanking all the people who have donated considerable amounts of their time to bring you these associations.

The updates went live on the database this morning. SOTAwatch will be updated shortly along with the uploading of updated ARMs.

Andy, MM0FMF


I make that 1091 new OE Summits - that’s a nice present! Thanks Sylvia and team for all the work (and of course Andy and Tom for implementing them into the DB).

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Actually, I did very little for this update! Tom did the upload, the summits team, Sylvia & colleagues did the legwork.


Well thanks for supplying the good news in any case. I guess it’ll take a couple of days for SOTAWatch and SMP to reflect the new OE summits - I’m eager to see if there are any not too far from here that I can get to activate first! (I have a couple under my name as first activator in VK, it’d be nice to be the first activator on a new European summit, now that I’m living over here).


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This sounds pretty amazing but at the end of this year we’ll be left with fewer summits than before the evaluation :disappointed: . The new summits could not really make up for the invalid ones.
Hope you can find a few good ones close by for first activation!

73, Sylvia OE5YYN


Hi Sylvia,

don’t be disappointed. You made the best out of the situation.
Many thanks to you and all others who assisted.

73 Stephan, DM1LE

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Hi Sylvia,
The final reduced number of summits is a shame but I guess it’s now a reason for SOTA in OE to really go wild, while there are so many summit opportunities between now and the end of the year!


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There seems to be a small discrepancy in the newly uploaded OE summits.
Namely, the summit “Vordere Kesselschneid” appears now in the regions TI and in the new region TL as OE/TI-460 (formerly Pyramidenspitze) and OE/TL-020.

I assume, that this duplication arises, because, up to now, the reference OE/TI-460 described the location of the well known “Pyramidenspitze”, which is 4 height meters lower than the generally unknown “Vordere Kesselschneid”.

In my opinion the reference OE/TI-460 should still belong to the “Pyramidenspitze”, because already a couple of SOTA activations took place on this location (including me in September).

Not particularly exciting. I just wanted to report this, in the case somebody else stumbles across these entries.

73 Stephan, DM1LE

Hi Stephan,
Thanks for pointing this out. We seem to have changed the coordinates and the name (as Vordere Kesselspitze was the higher summit) but left the same reference while at the same time Vordere Kesselschneid came up in a computer evaluation. We will have to decide what to do about this problem.

73, Sylvia OE5YYN