Association Updates 1st June 2021

It’s not a long list this month, but we do have one new association.

8P Barbados

This island association has a single qualifying summit - 8P/BB-001, Mount Hillaby.

Welcome to Philip, 8P5AA.


In Sudety Zachodnie region Bart found a higher neighbouring summit to SP/SZ-004. Consequently Baraniec will be retiring at the end of this month, to be replaced by SP/SZ-012, Folwarczna, from 1st July.

ZS South Africa – Re-banding

It was concluded that the points banding in South Africa was rather ungenerous. We hadn’t re-examined the statistics despite adding many many more summits since the association’s inception and it was clearly appropriate to push the points boundaries downwards. So ZS activators will find that the majority of summits have gained higher scores. The new scores are effective from 1st June onwards.